Lucifer/Illuminati Origins of Michelle Obama’s Hand Sign. What does it mean?

Lucifer/Illuminati Origins of Michelle Obama’s Hand Sign. What does it mean?
 By Nicolas Duplessis
Ok. There’s a lot of hand signs that are flashed around by American Politicians in the United States of Satan. While you don’t see Illuminati flashing these signs, the 5th tier “helper” class or slave class, which tends to be politicians, Bilderberg attendees like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, media heads, Hollywood Actors and music artist are especially notorious for doing what the awake & aware general public calls “Illuminati” Hand Signs but people really dont know what these signs really mean or where they came from.
According to the original Torah, that was only possessed by early Jews, nothing even close to the so called “Jews” which we see today, there is a firm hierarchy of demons.  This demon hierarchy was main streamed by King Solomon, even though Europeans and people like Alister Crowley have created a matrix of the most inauthentic b.s. that I have ever seen in regards to demonic magic, some of it is based on truth.
The Torah which the Jews use today, isn’t the original Torah nor is it a complete book. Even if you bring in the study of Kabbalah or Talmud, these still aren’t the real books of Judaism and the Talmud isn’t anything inspired, religious or of importance because it was something made by some Rabbis and the fact that Jews treat the Talmud as sacred; should show that Judaism suffered from a ton of non-Jews among its rank, who can only date their history back to 2000 years because that’s how the Illuminati set it up, 2000 years ago.
Jewish man found guilty of faking ancient Torah Scrolls
This is the problem with trying to explain even the most basic fundamentals of this subject matter, because it simply means tossing out every single thing that has come out of Western Europe. When ever you get into anything that depends on Western European Occultist, historians and supposedly renowned experts, as far as books or crafts, then you get into trouble because 99.9% of these occult jurisprudence are manipulated or flat out over hyped fakes.
This idiotic fake system brings us to these secret societies like 33 rd Degree Freemasons, the political homosexual occult gatherings in N. California every year at Bohemian Grove and Yale’s Skull & Bones along with the low level slaves that populate Hollywood Films and Top 20 Charts in the music industry.
( Former Gov of Alaska, Sarah Palin, used to get ridiculed by the media for praying to fight off demons, but once she got the nomination to run for VP under John McCain, we can see that someone or something made her change and as a result of her being loyal to Satan, she was awarded with a reality tv show along with her daughter, even though her daughter appears pretty freaked out at her mother in this early photo)
The worship of Lucifer is something that the top Illuminati (DNA Illuminati) gives to about 6,000 people, every 100 years or so, to keep them busy and firmly under their control. This is then passed down from frat to frat, and it is of great value to these people. So regardless on if you believe in any of this stuff or not, they believe it. 
  1. Your politicians believe it. Your favorite music artist believe it.
  2. Your Mega-Church Minister or priest believes it. 
  3. Your favorite movie star believes it. 
  4. They believe it, so it is a reality that you should know about because these people all have influence over your lives, minds and even very souls.
Lets take Michelle Obama’s Satanic Hand Sign.  What this hand sign is based off of, pre dates King Solomon and even what is known as ancient Egypt, even though Egypt was not a stand alone colony, but was apart of Greater Nubian-Jewish Ethiopian/Sudan Empire and is thousands of years older than what archeologist, anthropologist and historian would have the public believe. 
  • The Jewish Tribe, didn’t simply just appear in Egypt and migrate over into Israel to escape slavery.  The Jewish Tribes were originally people who came down from mountains near South-East Africa and were Negroid.
  • All of the early records of Jews, show a migration that started from lower Africa, into Australia (continents were still connected), Asia and the Americas.
  • 99% of the supposedly space aliens and sky people that are being shown on The History Channel’s Ancient Aliens are simply being drawn on caves by British Producers for political reasons & are simply a spin on the jewish tribes that came down from high African mountains with knowledge….some good and some bad.
Most of Egypt’s real archeology is being destroyed, with the latest destruction happening just last month when the CIA and British MI 6 created Egyptian Arab Mobs started burning ancient Egyptian books. Why did they burn these ancient books? Because if you look through the real books of Egypt, one will not find a single Arab or European Person.  Arabs aren’t indigenous to Egypt or Africa but instead they have migrated there in recent history, just as Arabs are now being flooded into Libya. 
So, the hiding of the Native American Hebrew heritage or the South American and Australian Jewish Negroid Heritage has been a constant magic trick by arrogant people (both Europeans and Arabs) to paint a made-up narrative regarding anthropology and archeology that simply isn’t reality and the Illuminati, who is trying to stay hidden and hide their true origins are behind this and have been doing this for over 2000 years.
The reason why the CIA is always seeking individuals with degrees in Anthropology is because the government twist and crafts anthropology and even fakes archeological evidence to keep populations ignorant of the true history of this planet and of course these secret societies & government/political intelligence agencies are run by the Illuminati.
Considering that even the experts in these topics are affected idiots, there really is no way to be an expert in any of this, unless you are a part of the Illuminati by DNA, other wise you can only be an expert within the lies that have been taught to you and you just happen to know more of the lies than the general public. This is what it means to be an “expert’ in archeology, religion or anthropology and even science. They know nothing.
Michelle Obama is trying to posses the crowd!
Getting back to what Michelle Obama is doing on this photo of her giving a speech to American Veteran Families.
I will talk in the limited confines of Christianity to make this understandable because true Illuminati knowledge is so far removed from the programs that people have been given, that it is very difficult to simply speak this without pissing someone off because they have been taught things about aliens, religions, Jesus, God, racial dominance or have false time lines of history.
This great wall between the Illuminati and the human mind, which has been programmed like one teaches a dog how to fetch a ball, is a built in Illuminati Protector, which ensures that none of this knowledge ever gets out & if it does, it should sound so foreign that it will not be easily understood or flat out rejected.
In the new testament, Satan or Lucifer is a leader or chief of a demonic army.  Satan can posses and make humans obsess. The Christian New Testament has stories about Satan’s ability to tempt and indeed the entire jurisprudence of Christianity revolves around going to church to confess sins because Satan tempted you, going to church to help ward off Satan’s temptations and hoping that some priest or minister can remove the sins from your soul if you fall to Satan’s temptations and you pay money & fees for this service.
As absurd as Christianity sounds, every lie or control mechanism that the Illuminati uses, has to have some truth.  It is true that Satan is a powerful entity that controlled demons but so was King Solomon.
In original Jewish texts, which pre-dates the current Torah, Satan would hold up the exact hand sign which Michelle Obama is using in her speech to Veterans, to summon demons and direct them to posses a tribe, which would lead to war, chaos, child molestation, sodomy, gossip, murders, drunkenness and obsessive emotional issues.
King Solomon also used this Satanic hand command and it is a way of cursing the people who view you holding it up, even if their conscience mind doesn’t take it in because one can flash this particular hand sign for a quick second and the sub-conscience mind has already picked it up.
During King Solomon’s time, when he would send out his fleet of ships, one of the places that Solomon Jewish Explorers infiltrated was ancient Londinium (London).
These demonic manipulations were allegedly used on the Euro- Red Haired/Blue Eyed, White Tribes by the Jews as a colonization tool.
Even today, if we look at certain aspects of Celtic Witchcraft or even the silly Wicca, this Satanic hand sign, is called “The Witches Hand Shake” and it is believed by highly initiated Celtic Sorcerers, some even baring the Scottish Scar on their wrist, that if one made this sign with the two fingers, pressed together and extended and shook someone’s hand, that it would throw the unsuspecting person off, for a few seconds, & tear open their aura and at that time, the Celtic Witch could implant thoughts into the person’s mind.
So, even as watered down and inauthentic as Wicca may be, there are definitely some genuine Satanic Roots, that are based in authentic demonic magic, which man-kind got directly from Lucifer or Fallen Angels.
In conclusion, what Michelle Obama is doing by holding up this hand sign is placing a curse on American Troops and their families.  This is something that is very real depending on whom does it and how much of original blood a person has, which can be traced back to Illuminati Rulers. 
  • 18 U.S. Troops commit suicide PER DAY, under Obama. That’s over 6500 per year!  More US Troops now kill themselves than are dying in combat. 


  • Remember that when God came down to banish the demons or souls of the Fallen Angels, he drove the demons into a herd of pigs and the pigs went crazy, ran into a body of water and committed mass suicide.
  • That’s not a coincidence. These US Troops are sacrifices for Satan, the Dark Knight & True Lord of America.
If I did this sign, I would 100% see a 17 foot dark apparition standing over me at night, which is why I do not use any of these hand signs, that politicians and music artists take so lightly.
Maybe Michelle Obama is using the Celtic thought process about using this sign to be influential to a certain target but according to Illuminati text and even the role that Satan plays in the Christian Bible, this sign is only of use as a way to petition Satan and his demon to posses the audience.
U.S. Military now accepts the worship of Satan/Lucifer  aka Pagan in the United States of Satan
Dallas, Tx Meat Packing Plant dumps diseased pig blood into river located in the United States of Satan
Demons take over a Wisconsin Man in the United States of Satan
Utah Hospital worker accused of sexual assault on unconscience patients in the United States of Satan – Salt Lake City, Utah News 
Satanic Zionist Rabbi molest young men for his own demonic & twisted gratification,7340,L-4178893,00.html
Oklahoma Congressman, in the United States of Satan, attempts to ban the use of aborted baby fetuses from being used in food and soda products
Ca. Immigrant, Umer Khan, drives around naked, high on crystal meth and jerks-off in people’s drive ways in the United States of Satan,0,927105.story
Israeli in the fraud State of Israel, keeps little girl locked up in a bathroom for nine years, until she turned 20,7340,L-4179159,00.html
French writer and activist Alain Soral fights the New World Order
NBC teaches Satanic Americans how to drink donkey semen on national t.v.
President Obama, in the United States of Satan, says that American Women that kill their babies can go on to fulfill their dreams
Satanic Sisters  in Wisconsin State SEXUALLY TORTURED Teen With Pliers – Forced Him To Drink Urine After He Refused Sex
In the United States of Satan, Jesus gets his head chopped off
New Orleans Police Dept takes money from Crystal Meth Drug Sales
Ga. State Man, in the United States of Satan, has sex with pet dog
Satanic Jews in Ca. State, beg Mel Gibson for his gold coins
Hollywood continues to push homosexuality by having actors pretend to be gay. Satanic Cynthia Nixon says she’s gay by ‘choice.’ Is it really a choice?,0,2504094.story
Los Angeles Elementry School Teacher, in the United States of Satan, shows photos of S&M sex scenes and semen to little school kids
United Kingdom of Satan aka Great Britain announces plans for Atheist Temples
94 year old Louisiana woman gets raped in the United States of Satan
Florida Man, in the United States of Satan, chopped up another man & ate his brain
Filthy dirty trailer trash Satanist Americans in Minnesota, keep over 100 animals in filth and feces
Vietnamese Man in the United States of Satan, kidnaps and rapes girl in Northern Ca.
Pepsi Soda, in the United States of Satan,  trying to use dead babies as ingredient
The true face of a deviant and gay sexed Israel
Satanic Ca. Six Year Old guilty of sexual assault in perverted game of play-ground tag

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