Lord of Kerry – Incredible but true: You can buy a genuine nobility title right here…

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News Story Source: Irish Lords
Welcome to the Irish Lords of Kerry. Here you can actually buy a genuine Irish title. And not only that, you will also receive co-ownership of our land in Kerry, Ireland. We look forward to taking you here on an exciting and interesting discovery, at the end of which you will have the opportunity to call yourself Lord or Lady of Kerry in the future.

Special Service for Groupon Customer

As an additional service, you will receive a download link for your personalized certificates within 24 hours by email. So you can print them out and give them away while the original certificates are on their way to you in the mail. You will also find your booklet "The irish landlords" for to download as well. This little extra is completely free of charge.

What can I do with a title of 'Lord'?

Apart from the great feeling of owning a small piece of land in Ireland, the title will bring you much pleasure. Just imagine what the framed certificate will look like on your
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