Long-classified ’28 pages’ show 9/11 hijackers were aided by men with ‘extensive links’ to Saudi government

At least two 9/11 hijackers were aided by men with “extensive ties” to the Saudi Arabian government, according to newly-declassified documents.

The possible links between the Saudi government and the perpetrators of America’s worst-ever terrorist attack were catalogued in a 2002 Congressional report, but were deemed by then-president George W Bush to be too damaging to be made public.

Since then families of 9/11 victims and members of Congress have lobbied for the portion of the report- known as the “28 Pages” – to be declassified.

The report was released on Friday, and names five Saudi individuals with links to the government that allegedly helped the hijackers – of which 15 of 19 were Saudi nationals – get apartments, open bank accounts, attend local mosques and get flight lessons.

The report also included details of Al-Bayoumi’s associate Osama Bassnan, who the FBI described as “an extremist and supporter of Osama bin Laden”.

Bassnan lived across the street from two of the hijackers, and told an FBI informant he had helped them.

Bassnan’s wife received a monthly salary from Princess Haifa, wife of Prince Bandar, the Saudi Ambassador to the US, for “nursing services”.

During two Bush presidencies Prince Bandar was such a close family friend that he was referred to as “Bandar Bush”.

The money sent to Bassnan’s wife totaled $74,000.

The documents also said: “On at least one occasion Bassnan received a cheque directly from Prince Bandar’s account.”


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