Linear Labs Present The HET, A Revolutionary Direct-Drive Motor

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News Story Source:, By: Gustavo Henrique Ruffo
It seems electric motors just needed a push to present amazing technical developments. And that this push came from electric cars. Now we see new concepts fairly often, such as the Magnax motor or the plastic electric motor showed recently and this one, which comes from Texas and Linear Labs. It is called HET, or Hunstable Electric Turbine. And it claims to offer at least two times more torque density than the current top permanent magnet motors in the market.

That is just for starter. Linear Labs also states it has three times more power density and delivers 10 percent more range. The engine would also use 30 percent less copper. And that happens precisely due to the advantages the new motor design offers, according to the company.

Linear Labs calls the HET a "3-dimensional circumferential flux 4 rotor machine". That begins to explain the differences it has from a regular motor. First of all, it uses four rotors instead of just one or two.

In other words, &quot
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