‘Lil Wayne? Some Medicare fraud from Florida? Don’t degrade your voters on your way out’

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News Story Source: Daily Mail
Trump is expected to pardon 100 people on Tuesday – his final day in office

Among them are reportedly rapper Lil Wayne and a Medicare fraudster from Fla.

Tucker Carlson on Monday night urged Trump to reconsider pardoning the pair

He and Pamela Anderson both argued for Julian Assange to be pardoned

Anderson described the WikiLeaks founder as a 'hero of free speech' 

Donald Trump has been urged not to 'degrade himself' and his voters with a slew of dubious pardons as he leaves the White House, as Pamela Anderson pleaded for her friend Julian Assange to be granted a reprieve.

The president is expected on Tuesday to issue up to 100 pardons for people including white collar criminals, rappers and friends.

The White House held a meeting on Sunday to finalize the list of pardons, two sources told CNN: Trump and his family are not believed to be on the list.

Yet on the eve of the pardons, Tucker Carlson, the Fox News ho
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