Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Denzel Washington & Hollywood’s Black Illuminati Satanist.

Note: I have decided to use Illuminati & High Up Freemasons in an interchangeable fashion because the agenda is still the same.
Even though I told myself that I was not doing any more on the Hollywood Illuminati because I have a book to finish, I am writing the chapter on Satanic Hollywood Sex Orgies, so since I was already pulling from my memory on the Black Sex Magic Rituals which happen in Malibu, Hollywood Hills, Beverly Hills and at Warner Bros Studios, I may as well go ahead and touch on the Hip Hop angle of the Illuminati.
Now African-Americans, even though they didn’t appear to notice that C-Lo Green was sportin a black Warlock gown and performing a song about Lucifer aka the Fallen Angel, along side Madonna for the NFL Half Time Show, are usually self-proclaimed experts in the Illuminati & black music.
Many young African Americans, are ten times more “schooled” on Black Magic in music & Hollywood than other groups because blacks in America are naturally a spiritual fearing people, who catch certain agendas because African American Culture is so filled with tales of spirits, Satan and the occult.  This is the reason why so many blacks upload youtube videos and slow hip hop tracks down to reveal lyrics about “kill jesus” and “love satan.”
In South Central Los Angeles, there are entire seminars, at any given time, on Satanism & famous black athletes.  This is just something that young black people know about, so even though I tried to not talk about certain black entertainers like Jay-Z or Denzel Washington because I was mostly focusing on Hollywood Entertainers that are caught in the British Luciferian Organizations attached to the United Nations because these are the heavy weights, who are being recycled in Hollywood and awarded with film and tv deals, based entirely off of their associations with the Illuminati & the work which they are doing for the Illuminati, there are some A-List Black People that I need to put on blast.
Lil Wayne.  It is no secret that Lil Wayne is bi-sexual.  It may be a secret that Jay-Z is also bi-sexual but its not a secret that I feel like keeping any longer.  Its no secret that C-Lo Green along with Dr. Dre enjoy dressing in drag.
So, why do we have all of these gay & bi-sexual black men in the Illuminati?  Well, the Illuminati Over-Seers which control Hollywood, actually pick and decide on who they will make famous.  The Illuminati loves black gay or bi-sexual men.
For example, if I was an Illuminati Over-Seer (there is such a thing) and I wanted to use an artist and the artist’s talent to destroy Christianity (if you believe in Christianity) and had to direct a music label to find an artist to bring about this change, in order to prepare the world for Lucifer’s return, I likely could pick Madonna from a crowd of 1000 people. 
Why? Because being a white person from Michigan, she naturally had that “mid west white trash urban cross over appeal” so it would be easy to elevate her.  She is Italian, and Italians are some of the best and most dramatic performers on the planet.  And from what I understand this is why Madonna became so famous starting in the 1980′s and not only did Madonna become famous but she was more of a cultural phenomenon than Elvis or John Lennon because most Americans, which was still a puritan country back in the 1980′s for the most part, didn’t see two men kiss in a sexual manner until Madonna showed it in her film Truth or Dare, never saw Trans-sexual people before Madonna showed it, never saw two women kiss in a sexual manner before Madonna did it and never saw someone masturbating with crucifixes on stage, before Madonna did it! 
Madonna is a highly initiated, Illuminati Sorceress, that is very powerful and the only reason that the Illuminati will use a heavy weight like Madonna, is when they really want to bring about a new era and way of life.  Madonna aint no joke.  Madonna is an Illuminati Scud Missile, so even before the NFL Half Time Show, I was blogging about Madonna and her rituals because I already knew what was coming.
In the same manner that the Illuminati hand picks Hollywood People, they also tend to pick weak minded blacks that are usually bi or homosexual. 
 (C-Lo Green)
The “rain bow” gay flag, isn’t anything that was random. The rain bow gay flag was something that has been used in Illuminati Rituals for at least 100 years.  Satanic Covens often used the rain bow seal, in Satanic rituals, so when the gay rainbow flag came about in the 1980′s, it was based off of a Satanic practice of something called color magic. 
 (Need I say more about the gay flag? Ellen DeGeneres is of Colonial French-La. Illuminati origins)
Lucifer is chaos and usually when occult practitioners perform color magic, you use a single color to achieve a certain result but for Lucifer you use all of the colors because “light” is all of the colors combined into one and the Illuminati thinks that Lucifer is the God of Light. So, this is where you get the gay rainbow flag.
Lil Wayne not only used to do gay Voodoo Orgies in New Orleans, La. when he was first on Cash Money but he was sexually exploited from a very young age.  So, when Lil Wayne got elevated by Universal to become the Super Star which we see today because he was already Illuminati material since he was accustomed to the occult and sex rituals.
(Lil Wayne kissing his New Orleans Padrino, which is a Godfather in the world of the occult)
Jay-Z, not only had no talent before he was signed onto a label with mainstream distribution but when he was first let into the lower rungs of the Illuminati, he was schooled on all of the pyramid and devil hand signs, which we see Jay-Z display at all of his rap concerts.
  (Rapper Jay-Z had no real musical talents before Lucifer entered his life. Jay-Z loves Satan and thanks Satan every day for his blessings.)
Jay-Z used to play second fiddle to his buddy, that was in prison for a number of years in NY.  Now, every one that follows Jay-Z already knows the story of his buddy getting out of jail and learning about Jay-Z taking part in gay orgies with top people in Hollywood.
But what people do not know is that this guy who now appears to hate Jay-Z and is accusing Jay-Z of ripping off his music was also a man that Jay-Z had a gay relationship with in their early days.
In fact, other than Blue Ivy, which is a baby (Jay-Z and Beyonce’s child) that has an Illuminati name, being that a Blue Blood is the original term given to Illuminati Aristocrats from Europe, there is another child that Jay-Z has with this guy. Yes! Jay-Z and his male friend tried & succeeded to have a baby together by having sex (double penetration) with the same female, at the same time and they both planned to ejaculate into her simultaneously. So, Jay-Z has another baby that he shares with another man.  How do I know about these details?  Because everyone in Hollywood has an Illuminati file and I used to have access to these files.
Just like Ivy (Blue Ivy) League, Skull & Bones Frat, at Yale (which gave us President Bush and Senator John Kerry) perform the male on male ritual, where two frat brothers are locked into a coffin and in this coffin, one tells the other of their sexual exploits (even the homosexual ones & even if you sucked your best friend’s cock at the age of 12)-this is the same ritual that those wishing to enter the Hollywood Illuminati must go through. So, this is why they all have Illuminati files.
The only black people that are Illuminati by blood will usually be from some Louisiana Creole Back Ground, like Beyonce. Why is this? Because when the British, Spanish, Dutch, French and Portuguese were doing these massive colonization and slavery agendas in the Americas, the French Illuminati didn’t simply export its peasants like all of the other countries but instead the French Illuminati and Aristocrats considered themselves to be warriors, so the Illuminati from France actually colonized very large parts of the New World and for the first time in Illuminati history, we saw Illuminati Blood Lines produce off spring with peasants and slaves, which were the Native American/African Mixed Creoles (Beyonce is from a La. French-Creole Family).
 (Beyonce & Jay-Z conceived their child, Blue Ivy, in France)
These French Aristocrats were called “Blue Bloods” because from the earliest days of the Illuminati, they made a practice of digesting blood, silver and gold. That’s right the Illuminati actually eats silver and gold. 
When one eats silver it tends to turn you slightly blue-ish, and if you are very pale with red hair (which was a requirement in France)-this blue-ish tint was very pronounced.
Therefore, I was not shocked seeing that Beyonce and Jay-Z had given their baby the name “Blue Ivy”.  This is an illuminati name.  When Beyonce was giving birth, the entire suite was closed off. The reason that this suite at the hospital was closed off is because some Illuminati DNA Gate Keepers actually had to draw the baby’s blood to see how much of Illuminati blood her baby had and being that they were allowed to put the word “blue” into the child’s name, I can only assume that this child is a natural Illuminati or aristocrat.
Denzel Washington also joined the Hollywood Illuminati and while Denzel Washington told Wil Smith, to not kiss a man on film, when Wil Smith was filming Six Degrees of Separation and he had an on screen kiss with Anthony Michael Hall, Denzel Washington used to participate in homo-erotic Illuminati sex rituals at Warner Bros Studio.
Denzel Washington even did a film called “Fallen” where a powerful demon would jump into the bodies of people and make them commit murders and at the end of this film, the demon is the survivor. So, Hollywood has always set out to make Lucifer an all-powerful being who constantly beats out the power of God.
In conclusion, the Illuminati likes homosexuality in Hollywood Blacks.  They are thought of as more controllable and some even think that they posses a charisma or influence.
So, like Madonna was chosen in the 1980′s based on her potential to influence a large mass of people and shape shift a culture, so is every famous music artist in Hollywood.
Lucifer was the most beautiful angel and he was also the angel of music, so there is no way of being a famous musician and not getting your power from Lucifer.  You wanna make it in the music industry?  Ok, well I just told you who will give you the power.
By Nicolas Duplessis
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