Let’s watch SpaceX static fire Starship SN-8!

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News Story Source: Everyday Astronaut – YouTube.com


00:00 – Mostly Nothing

2:22:00 – Static Fire

2:23:00 – Mostly Nothing

TIME VERY SUBJECT TO CHANGE, stay tuned to twitter http://twitter.com/erdayastronaut for updates

Gene and Rachel from Spadre [@SouthPadreIsle] are right at the edge of the exclusion zone with one of my slow motion cameras to catch SpaceX fuel up and static fire Starship SN-8!

ALSO: SpaceX Starship SN-8's spicy static fire in 4k slow motion!

SpaceX performed a static fire test of their SN-8 Starship prototype! Shot at 120 FPS in 4K. At this time the origin of the debris is unknown, but most speculate it's something kicked up and not anything to do with the rocket itself. We should learn more soon

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