Led By AZ Governor Doug Ducey, the Republican Governors Association is Committing Treason

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News Story Source: The Common Sense Show – Dave Hodges
America is an occupied country. Arizona, in particular is under the direct control, through the Arizona's governor's office, of Communist China. The actions of the Governor, Doug Ducey, have put not only his state at risk, but he is threatening the viability of resources and undermining national defense. 

Doug Ducey drew the ire of President Donald Trump when he certified his state's fraud-riddled election results on Nov. 30. The governor may be no friend of the president, but he is most assuredly considered a pal by China. Ducey has been listed as a "friendly" in a Chinese think tank's ranking of all 50 governors' attitudes toward China.

In Arizona, the state has a huge water shortage. However that did not stop Governor Doug Ducey from giveing away part of our water rights to Chinea. (AZ Governor) Doug Ducey is keen on selling our nation's precious water resources to the thirsty Asian giant as well. The more one kicks ov
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