Learn about your Arduino through 15 awesome projects

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The Arduino was made for learning. But for first-time engineers, this little board can seem intimidating. The Arduino Bootcamp: Learning Through Projects course should kickstart your confidence. Through 9.5 hours of training, you work through 15 awesome projects. You should come away with the skills to bring your own ideas to life. The training is now just $15 at the Popular Science Shop.

Through 51 hands-on video tutorials, this course helps you master your Arduino. In addition, you learn how to work with a range of components. You don't need any previous experience, as the lessons start from scratch. After getting to know the Arduino IDE, you start with a simple circuit. Before long, you are working on some impressive projects.

For instance, the course shows you how to build a remote-control car. The vehicle uses your smartphone as the controller. You even discover how to make a DIY mobile phone. The device can receive and send calls and messages. By the end, you should fee
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