Leaked documents that were not attributed to Snowden

Since June 2013, numerous top secret documents from the American signals intelligence agency NSA and its British counterpart GCHQ have been disclosed. The overwhelming majority of them came from the former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

But what many people probably didn’t notice, is that some of these documents were not provided by Snowden, but by other leakers. Often, the press reports didn’t mention that very clear, and it was only by not attributing such documents to Snowden, that it became clear they came from someone else.

So far, the following secret and top secret documents have been disclosed without having been attributed to Snowden:

– Chancellor Merkel tasking record
– TAO product catalog
– NCTC watchlisting guidance
– NCTC terrorist watchlist report
– XKEYSCORE rules: New Zealand
– Ramstein AFB supporting drone operations
– NSA tasking & reporting: France
– NSA tasking & reporting: Germany
– NSA tasking & reporting: Brazil
– NSA tasking & reporting: Japan
– Chinese cyber espionage against the US
– XKEYSCORE agreement between NSA, BND and BfV
– The Drone Papers
– Cellphone surveillance catalogue

– Some thoughts on the form of the documents
– Some thoughts on the motives behind the leaks
– Conclusion

Document collections

The most user-friendly collection of all the leaked documents can be found on the website IC Off The Record (which started as a parody on IC On The Record, the official US government website on which declassified documents are published).

Other websites that collect leaked documents related to the Five Eyes agencies, so from Snowden as well as from other sources, are FVEY Docs and Cryptome. The Snowden-documents are also available and searchable through the Snowden Surveillance Archive.

Domestic US leaks

Here, only leaks related to foreign signals intelligence and related military topics will be listed. Not included are therefore documents about American domestic operations, like for example several revelations about the DEA.


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