Lead Clinton investigator shot in the back twice, run over

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News Story Source: https://thehornnews.com
Jack Burkman, the leader of the controversial investigation into the murder of former DNC staffer Seth Rich, was shot twice in the back and run over by a man who claimed to have worked as a special agent in the Department of Energy, authorities say.

Burkman was attacked in the Rosslyn Marriott hotel parking garage in Washington, D.C. on Mar. 13, lured to the spot by promises of secret documents on the Clintons by an FBI whistleblower.

He wasn't supposed to leave that garage with his life.

Burkman is the conservative lobbyist that launched a private investigation into Rich's murder in 2016. Rich's family initially accepted Burkman's help, but have since rejected his findings. The Rich family have since distanced themselves from the investigation, and have also filed lawsuits against numerous news outlets for their reporting on their son's unsolved murder.

Last week, he almost paid for that investigation with his life. The man who attacked Burkman was Kevi
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