Le Pen Is Right About Disastrous Euro Policy

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Opinion Column by Stephen Lendman
Le Pen Is Right About Disastrous Euro Policy

by Stephen Lendman

Campaigning ahead of next Sunday's French presidential runoff, Le Pen pronounced the euro currency "dead," saying:

"We need to control the currency, to adjust it to the economy, because today the single currency is a burden." It benefits "big companies engaged in international trade."

It gives Brussels control over French monetary and fiscal policies, harming national sovereignty.

Le Pen wants it restored, intending to hold a national referendum to let voters decide up or down on leaving the EU and NATO if elected.

Emmanuel Macron remains heavily favored to defeat her. Western politicians and media scoundrels one-sidedly support him – wanting no change in dirty business as usual, including  France remaining part of the malignant euro monetary union.

It combines hugely dissimilar countries under a binding monetary/fiscal s
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