Laws of Silence has a Facebook page

I’m not sure if we’ve plugged it yet on LoS, but we set up a Laws of Silence Facebook page two weeks shy of a year ago.

On the page we link to all new posts on the blog, but we also link to articles and Internet discoveries pertinent to our longer posts and reflecting our various interests.  Some of these don’t merit a post of their own or we’re simply unable at the time to do something more with it.  Sometimes the links become posts, sometimes an accumulation of similar stories forces our hand to do something larger with them, as what at first seems an isolated event or data set becomes something resembling a pattern.

In any event, if you find that our posts are too long or more than you want to know about a particular topic, you can check out some links we’ve provided with no commentary.  There’s no systematic way to determine what goes up, so it’s “random” in the sense that we haven’t said that every article of a certain category will gat a link, but the articles are usually about things we’ve covered in more or less detail on the blog.  Sometimes they’re interesting updates to specific events with reference to posts we’ve done and in some cases they focus on things we may have only danced around.

I hope you visit and “Like” it.

Happy 2014, may all you hope and work for come to rewarding fruition!

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