Las Vegas casinos are in bed with the police

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News Story Source: By Doug Poppa
While the LVMPD and the FBI are jointly involved in the investigation of Stephen Paddock, delving into every aspect of his personal life to find out why he committed the worst mass shooting in United States history, there is another group of investigators also working feverishly but not for the same reasons as the police or the FBI.

They are the corporate investigators, whose numbers are many in Las Vegas and who are employed by the gaming industry to protect corporate interests and assets, specifically when it comes to possible civil litigation.

Throughout the city, employed by the corporations who run Las Vegas gambling and hotel establishments are many retired law enforcement officers from the ranks of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other law enforcement agencies.

Grant Ashley, who led the FBI's Las Vegas office for several years was vice president in charge of security for Harrah's Entertainment from 2006 thru
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