LA Schools Chief: Kids Must Get Coronavirus Vaccine to Return

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News Story Source: US News
Once a coronavirus vaccine is widely available for children, immunization will be required for students in Los Angeles to attend classes, the district's superintendent said.

"The short answer is yes," Austin Beutner, head of the country's second-biggest school system, said Monday in answering a question about whether a vaccination will be necessary to come back to campus. "No different than students being vaccinated for measles and mumps or tested for tuberculosis before they come on campus. That's the best way we know to keep all on the campus safe."

The matter-of-fact admission marks the first acknowledgement from the head of a major school system that the vaccination is likely headed to the list of required school immunizations.

"Families will always have the option for a child to stay in online learning and, therefore, not be on campus," Beutner added, "but to go back to campus, yes."

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