Knots: How to Tie the Gaff Topsail Halyard Bend/Hitch

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News Story Source: Organic Prepper – By 1stMarineJarHead
By 1stMarineJarHead

I have a strange fascination with knots and ropework right up there with rutabagas and searching for the perfect meatball and air guns. 

(An odd mix, eh?)

Knots and ropework are skills and knowledge I think every prepper should have. I will be writing about various knots I have used here on the farm in practical uses, and some knots that I feel could be useful. While there are enough knots known to fill more than a few books, I will concentrate on what I think are some of the more useful ones.

In this particular case, let's say you are trying out using a tarp for lightweight camping using 550 cord. This bend/hitch would be used for the corner eyelet of your tarp. Imagine the carabiner is the eyelet.

Technical Information

Note: For instructional purposes and clarity, I did this ropework using a 5mm accessory cord. When I tried 550 cord, the black and OD green cord did not provide enough contrast to effectively render the pictures. The
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