King William, Prince George and Kim Kardashian (The Rise of the Anglo-Franco Empire)

If Kim Kardashian is looking for something more meaningful to do in life and seeing how Kanye West is her new un-official business/pr/personal manager then may I suggest that Kim Kardashian work with Prince William on African Conservation? Kim Kardashian has global appeal and she is only 30-something, so she needs to join the New Generation of Global Leaders and help solve some of the problems which the current leaders and the ones that came before them, have helped to create in this world.
chinaI Didn't Want It To Be Too Hollywood” | ScripTeachChina just set up a multi-billion dollar fund with Hollywood A-Listers like Leo Dicaprio along with buying up entire theaters, that show films to the general public. Now, on the surface this may seem like progress by China but in reality, it is a slight-of-hand trick that is making it even harder to address the gross human rights violations committed by China and even India in places like Africa.
China sets up multi-billion dollar fund to buy off Hollywood
  • China is not only one of Africa’s largest oil polluters, with numerous oil spills that go un-reported to the international community but China also drives animal extinction in Africa and in Latin America by over investment/development based on greed along with their appetite to eat EVERYTHING in sight.  This is why Africa and the South American Rain Forest are seeing extinction of wild animals because the Chinese create a demand, simply from their habit of wanting to eat rare or endangered species.

Asia Finest Discussion Forum > why couldn't the Chinese assimilate+BBC News - Rare white tiger cubs unveiled at Czech Republic zoo=Chinese people eat anything, but what about foetuses? | Reality China 

  • China, The United Nations and India actually form ”peace keepers” and pays them by allowing these men to invade countries in Africa and allowing them to rape five year old African Girls.

federal reserve | AntiCorruption Society(I find it funny that after the private-criminal owned Federal Reserve Bank in the U.S., announces that they will print up more of our money; which is all sent to China, Germany and handed to private people like Soros/Bill Gates/Warren Buffet; that China magically comes up with 8 billion dollars to finish buying off Hollywood and our media)

Are the Chinese bad? Yes and No. China and India are mostly “shell countries” where European and American Investors hide because these European and American Investors do not want to be subjected to decency standards or they wish to violate human rights.
Global BrandingIn China, we have Apple Inc, running slave companies where young Chinese are forced to live, work in the company complex and we also see polices of forced abortions. One can only get away with this type of sub-human behavior if they locate their company to India or China. This is why China and India appear to be out-pacing America and Western Europe. CHINA/INDIA HAVE NO STANDARDS.
Now the reason why we can not expose China and even India in their many, many, many gross and egregious environmental and human violations; is because China is not only allowed to buy up Hollywood and our media but Wall St Bankers, German Bankers, French Bankers and British Bankers are stealing money from our countries and investing it into China.
China and India along with the United States actually run rape gangs in Africa and Latin America but these rape gangs or rebels are often hidden by the United Nation’s Banner and even American Evangelical Non-Profits.
africaWhat we need to do, with Prince William’s African Conservation Charity is get these other “charities” based in the U.S. or tied into the U.N. out of Africa and even Latin America.
So, that’s the deal in a nut-shell and for all of these A-List Hollywood Celebrities that want something to do, in order to make their global foot-print, then I suggest working with Prince William because Prince William understands the 3rd world and Africa.
  • If you deal with Christian based charities in Africa or the UN, you will end up getting in trouble, when it gets exposed that 99% of American/UN charities or NGO’s are being run by corporations and being used as spy agencies, blood diamond movers, child sex ring operators and even helping the UN run terror groups.
 Why the UN Is the Problem and the US Should Leave It | FrontPageUnited Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) | K4Health
We are going to have a major global transformation but not in the way that the New World Order has mapped out. I like Russia and I have respect for Russia because Russia is the only country that has been to Venus, even though the astronauts died but I do respect Russian Innovation and the Russian Mind.
 Real science fiction weapons design-Space weapons systems | JH Ruan
But let me tell the world something, one can never beat the Anglo-Franco Empire. Currently we have weapons that can wipe out the entire child population of Iran in a matter of minutes with no pollution, no radiation, no trace and no sound. All you will see are two flashing lights and every child under 3 years old will be dead or injured in a matter of minutes. We have that kind of power.
Map of French EmpireBritish Empire | Abagond
  • The Anglo-Franco Empire are basically humoring the UN, Russia, India, Brazil and China. We can take over the entire world any time that we want, except we have too many people in government that are loyal or funded by Globalist Bankers and these bankers are loyal to China. So, when Prince William is King you can expect a rise of the Anglo-Franco Empire but China, India, Brazil and Russia will be unable to compete with our global power.
katewilgeorgePrince William carries the DNA of the entire Universe in his body. I’m gonna just keep it real….Prince William’s power/smell/being intoxicates the hell out of me. Prince William’s sweat can transport one back to ancient Greece, ancient Egypt and every other great civilization, which existed on this planet. Prince William is the only person, to where I actually have to read the bible just to understand my dreams of visions about him and I never read the bible nor am I a Christian.  Prince William actually forces me to read the bible and only through him can I see the words/meanings behind the words within the bible and break the Bible Codes.
HI2116 The British Empire: Apogee and Fall C.1890 - C.1980
A lot of these other royal families are nothing more than corporate entities that were created by European Bankers/Oil Companies when the Europeans went into the Middle East, divided up the land and picked one tribe and started calling them “royal” in Arabia, in order to have a Royal-Dictator Family that would give them good deals on the oil fields. They did the same think in Africa and in Asia.
The British Royal Family and other Euro Royals actually sanctioned this madness and now these fake royals in Arabia, Africa and Asia are out of control and will have to be abolished.
Pharaoh | Define Pharaoh at Dictionary.Queen Elizabeth IIThe British Royal Family does go back to Cush, Egypt, Greece and every great civilization but one can not tell that from the way, which they have handled their business. Queen Elizabeth I, would have never done the things and made the choices which I have stood by and watched Queen Elizabeth II make, as it pertains to association with these fake “royals” from the Mid East.  Usually, when I am talking about Queen Elizabeth, it is because she has pissed me off by doing something that I do like, but none the less, she is a true Queen.
A King William will have to undo all of this madness, which these other “royals” have created. Now, Prince George Alexander Louis is of British, German-French, Greek and even North/East African Ancestry. In fact, Prince George Alexander Louis will be King over a New Rome. An empire that will stretch from Europe, to the Mid East and even going into Africa and parts of Asia.
I know this because Prince George Alexander Louis was laid out before me; before he was even born. I knew that Kate would have a male child..a great knight that had spiritual significance, which is why I posted up the Tarot Card showing the Knight of Wands. It came to me in a vision about a week before Kate gave birth.
  • I also had a vision of a Ram and Prince George as a Goat, which I had no idea what it meant, before I called my grand mother in Louisiana and she directed me to the Christian Bible and told me to just open it up at random and it would give me my answer.
the holy bible - The Bible Photo (27076200) - Fanpop fanclubsI opened up the bible, to see why I saw Prince George Alexander Louis as a Goat along with seeing a Ram and I landed in Daniel 8. Daniel 8 tells of a great battle of a goat that came from The West and moved without touching the ground. Every time the Ram, from The East, would strike him and break the horn in the middle of the goats head, it would grow back. The Ram came from The East to attack The West and it seemed that no one could stop the Ram but the Goat, out of the West, rose up and destroyed the Ram out of the East.
St. Patrick's Church - Elkhorn, NE > Adult Formation > Bible StudyDaniel 8 also talks about the heavens and a Prince; which is very fitting seeing how Prince George Alexander Louis will be a King, anointed at the 4pm hour (the hour of his birth) and presiding over a time, when man-kind will be setting up colonies on other planets.
How The Universe Provides When You Least Expect It 
Starting when Prince William becomes King, we have to actually re-assign souls to other star-planetary systems. I know how to do this and I know how to map this out, so when Prince William becomes King, there will be lots of work to do, in order to re-balance and free the world from the evil-doers but have faith…..I got this.
princewilEgyptian Islamic Leader: Faithful Muslims Must Destroy The

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