Killing Our Kids Across America

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Opinion Column by Frosty Wooldridge
Part 1: Killing ourselves by various methods in the USA

While the Parkland, Florida school shooting left 14 kids dead along with three teachers, as a society, we must look beyond the dramatic deaths affecting young citizens of America.  Why are we, as a civilization, driving ourselves nuts to such an extent that some among us slaughter other human beings?

Today, across America, young children and teenagers watch violent television 24/7.  They play violent video games.  They access pornography at the click of their smart phones.  Talk about messing up their minds!  They watch reports on our endless wars and bombings overseas.  Millions of children stagger daily from distressed parents, at 50 percent divorce rates, either angry as hell with each other, or grinding emotionally against one another.  Those children lose structure, security and constancy of a normal home life.

Congress continues funding the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars for
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