Kids Injured as School Cop Shoots Gun in a Class–Officials Cover It Up, Wounded Kid Blows Whistle

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Not one, but two school cops discharged firearms in schools this week. One of the officers injured multiple students in the process and the media and school officials attempted to cover it up.

Alexandria, Va – This Tuesday morning, a teacher who also serves as a reserve police officer accidentally fired his gun at a school in Seaside, California, while instructing a class on firearms safety.

Three students were injured, and one was hospitalized, but the school did not report the incident, nor did they notify the parents or seek medical help for the injured children. The most badly injured of the three went home to his father covered in blood with a serious wound, and bullet fragments lodged into his neck

According to Seaside Police Cheif Abdul Pridgen, officer Dennis Alexander was pointing the gun at the ceiling when he accidentally fired, sending bullet fragments to ricochet across the classroom. The school resumed classes as normal and later told reporters that the
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