Kids as Guinea Pigs of Google

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Opinion Column by Menckens Ghost
Dear Thinker:

How many more times will children be used as guinea pigs by cruel and stupid school districts?  Below is an infuriating article about districts going all-tech, resulting in lousy outcomes, angry parents, and huge amounts of money going to the tech industry.

Lo and behold, Google has 60% of the school device market.

One risks being seen as a Luddite by saying the truth that tech can aid learning in some areas but not in others.  My son, who is an engineer with both a bachelor's and master's in engineering, wouldn't have overcome the mediocre STEM genes he inherited from his parents if it were not for paper and pencil.

You see, my wife and I enrolled him in Kumon Math from the age of four to the age of eleven.  That's the Japanese method of learning math by doing a set of math problems every day, 365 days a year, by pencil, on paper.  My wife or I would score each daily lesson, and the lessons for the week
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