Ken Shishido Wants Everybody to Use the ‘Cash’ Denomination for Fractions of BCH

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Just recently at the Satoshi's Vision Conference in Japan the co-founder of the Tokyo Bitcoin Cash Meetup, Ken Shishido, discussed how he has been promoting BCH adoption in the country. Further, Shishido has been promoting a new BCH branding idea within the community by calling smaller fractions of BCH 'Cash' instead of 'Bits' and so far some members of the BCH community have been embracing the concept.

Promoting Bitcoin Cash Throughout Japan and Worldwide

Ken Shishido is well known in Japan throughout the cryptocurrency circuit. He is the organizer and co-founder of the Tokyo Bitcoin Cash Meetup. Just recently Shishido gave a presentation on how he thinks adoption should be promoted in Japan and some of the ways he and the Meetup members have been bolstering widespread acceptance. At the Satoshi's Vision Conference (SVC) Shishido explains that he has hosted over 170 cryptocurrency Meetups over the past years, describing his background within the bitcoin i
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