Kanye West’s new Illuminati photos in ‘Interview’ magazine

Kanye gets some interview questions in the latest Interview magazine and he talks a little bit about the importance of symbolism (see, all those Illuminati-eye symbols do matter) and also some semi-sacrilegious juxtapositions of sex and God.

Kanye West Interview Illuminati fire

Here’s some excerpts from the interview:

MCQUEEN: But there must have been moments of doubt or depression or sadness. I mean, with what happened after the Taylor Swift incident [at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards] and all the negativity that came your way as the result of that. How did you deal with it all mentally, physically, and spiritually?

WEST: It’s funny that you would say “mentally, physically, spiritually” because my answer before you even said that was going to be “god, sex, and alcohol.” 

I know that Kanye has/had an addiction problem, but I find it strange to respond by putting god and sex in the same sentence. Of course, the magazine lower-cased the word “god” so who know which god it is that he worships.

Check out one of the images, showing the Illuminati pyramid/triangle of magical manifestation:

Kanye West Interview Illuminati Triangle

Here he’s talking about symbolism’s importance, and that devil-witch Madonna:

I’ve actually played on everyone is that the entire time, I’ve actually just been a fine artist. I just make sonic paintings, and these sonic paintings have led me to become whatever people think of when you say “Kanye West.” Madonna, I think, is the greatest visual musical artist that we’ve ever had. If you look at her photo log, the photographers that she was able to work with throughout her career framed her in the proper way. It was the proper context. It was that visual that made sure that everything was gonna cut through in a certain way. I mean, you know as much as anyone how important the visuals are. 

He’s referring to visuals like the ‘X’ inside the ‘O’; aka the Mark of the Beast that she had in her Super Bowl performance:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Kabbalah Madonna super bowl x


Here he is giving us some weird transhuman image with an All Seeing Eye:

Kanye West Illuminati all seeing eye

And another one; this time in a garbage bag, defiantly ignoring the warnings about not putting bags on your head:

Kanye West All Seeing Eye bag


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