Johnson Releases New Brexit Proposal, Delivers ‘Ultimatum’ To Europe

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News Story Source:, Tyler Durden
Johnson's 6-page proposal rips up the hated Irish Backstop, proposing instead that Northern Ireland remain within the EU single market for certain goods, including agricultural products. Everything else will travel through a system of light touch customs checks on the island of Ireland. The whole system would be subject to a vote of consent by Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland every four years.

Of course, Johnson's plan to "ensure compliance" on a "decentralized basis" sounds similar to a proposal from his predecessor, Theresa May, which was ridiculed as a 'unicorn' solution (meaning many felt it would be technologically impossible to implement). But Johnson appears to have domestic backing for his proposal from the DUP and some of the hardline Tories who opposed May's withdrawal agreement. But the EU so far has appeared cool to Johnson's proposal.

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