Joe Biden's Promise: "I will work for Amnesty for all undocumented immigrants"

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Opinion Column by Frosty Wooldridge
While this nation reels under the Covid pandemic, presidential candidate Joe Biden guarantees another pandemic that threatens America's future: endless, massive and unrelenting immigration.

While he promises to give amnesty to 11,000,000 illegal alien migrants having violated our laws, he fails to understand that the Yale Report researched a number between 23 and 25 million of them in an exhaustive statement in October 2018.  Thus, when you crunch the numbers, Biden would give 23 to 25 million foreigners instant access to America's welfare, food, medical, education and housing programs—instead of American citizens.  He would reward lawlessness with extraordinary benefits paid for by your tax dollars.

Biden said, "We owe it to them." 

Exactly why do we owe border jumping criminals anything?  Secondly, how did that work out in 1986 when Reagan provided 3.4 million illegals a free pass?  Answer: he instigated a massive
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