Jeff Rense’s Nineth Ex-Wife Speaks Out (Part 1)

(left, Jeff Rense and “Megan” got married at a Santa Booth in Dec. 2010. This is a wedding picture.)

Jeff Rense on air is the sweetest,
smartest, gentlest man around. But the real Jeff Rense is a monster… is a business, pure and simple.

A psychopath will ALWAYS let you down – what you see is an illusion!!!! (reader response below)

(Editor’s Note: Readers need not fret that I am turning the site over to exposing the fraud, JR. This is merely a break after which I will return to my mission, “exposing feminism and the NWO.”)

by Megan (

Things are so bad for me now. All I want is for a few people out there know the truth. 

I fell in love with, and married Jeff Rense a little over a year ago.  I had been listening to him on the internet for a few years, and thought him to be intelligent, kind and sweet.  He was a vegan, and was anti-pornography – I thought “what a great guy – I wish I could date him!”

He had divulged his email address on air, and when I discovered he was single and looking for a mate – I emailed him, telling him about myself and expressing my romantic interest.

We hit it off immediately.  We seemed to be so much alike – the things we  wanted for our futures meshed perfectly.  We would talk on the phone for hours almost every day.  We exchanged almost a ream (when printed out) of emails in which he was extremely romantic, and very happy about the type of woman I was.

We quickly discussed marriage and living together and practical details  down to the setting of the thermostat!  It was the romance of my life! We were definitely soul mates.  We lived on different sides of the country, but were very eager to meet in person.


We began emailing on Oct. 25, 2010 and started talking on the phone the following Saturday.  I warned him immediately that I do not believe in UFOs of extraterrestrial origin (I believed some are of military origin) and that I had three cats: I told him about these potential deal-breakers right off.  He said he did not mind either.

We met in person only six weeks after my initial email.  I felt I had known him longer, as I had been listening to him for years.  I now realize, looking back, that his love for me developing so quickly was a huge “red flag”. 

But I have always been very “different” from most people, and Jeff seemed to be “different” as well.

Jeff and I agreed I would not work outside of the house. I would be his mate, confidante, helper and friend.  I wanted to do the traditional domestic work: housework and preparing super healthy food, We were both health nuts. 

I had computer skills. As well, I am a highly trained scientist. I agreed to mow the (rather large) lawn.

After meeting, we decided to get married as soon as possible, and did on Dec. 14, 2010.  This was the romance of the century!  We got married in a Santa Booth – and the workers were beaming over our obvious grand love!  I completely believed this love to be true.  I was 47 years old at the time, and was finally meeting “the one.” I was extremely happy.

 I then returned to my home state and resigned my job as an Assistant Professor of Physics, just six months away from tenure. I sold my house, my car and moved myself and my 3 cats back to Ashland to be with my husband. 

I did all of this in ten days, and we were re-united.  He flew me and my cats out to Ashland, and paid for my furniture and belongings to be moved out later.

When I arrived in Ashland the second time, now officially Jeff’s wife, the Jeff I was meeting was completely different.  It was literally a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde scenario.


In all our communications, he was so loving and concerned about my welfare and comfort.  We had discussed specific issues in detail.

I was met by a very cold, unaffectionate man, who literally did not even acknowledge that I was there.

He had already removed his wedding band (claiming it made it harder to type on his keyboard.) He had not cleared out closet space for me.  He had promised that my favorite cat could sleep with us on the bed, but this new Jeff, would not allow the cats on the bed, and in fact had them confined to a single small bedroom, and then complained that they were stinking up the whole house. The door to the bedroom was closed, and there was a $600 air filtration unit in the room.  His own dog, was smelly, and free to roam the house – but Jeff seemed to only smell my cats.

He was completely unconcerned about any aspect of my transition into his home, and in fact completely ignored me as he worked at his desk for up to 14 hours a day. 

I asked him how is it he had time to talk to me on the phone for three hours every night, and now he suddenly has no time for me? There was of course, no good answer.  He does indeed work 7 days a week, so I was largely ignored.

When I tried to interact with him, I was met with a cruel man, completely different from the one I thought I had married.  In our emails, he said our future decisions would be 50:50, for instance, he wanted to have an underground shelter put on his property, but I said, I didn’t want to live that way – in fear.  He agreed (in our emails and phone conversations) not to install the shelter.

One night, as he was working late at his desk, me waiting patiently on the nearby bed for him to finally come to bed and be with me (that is the only time he would pay attention to me, was in bed…).   I got up to look and see what exactly he was working so hard on.  I found him in an intense back-and-forth email conversation with David Chu.  Jeff was discussing with David that Jeff would grow crops on his property and convert it to fuel and do a DVD with David.  I was upset, because I thought decisions about our future were between Jeff and I.  Jeff angrily told me, “it’s MY house, MY land, MY car, I do with it what I want!”  I said, what about us agreeing not to build the underground shelter.  He told me he had every intention of building the shelter, that he had lied to me when he agreed not to.  He would be making ALL of the decisions.

To be continued .. 

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