Jeff Rense is "The Bachelor"


When not posing as “an American Treasure, consummate journalist and patriot,” Jeff Rense has been living yet another fantasy. He is “The Bachelor.”

(Editor’s Note: The ad below is not a parody.   It is currently on Jeff Rense’s web site. It won’t be there for long.

Rense, 66, is  “the Bachelor” offering women 30-years his junior an all-expenses paid visit to his “beautiful mountain home” on his five-acre estate. Candidates should resemble Elizabeth Kucinich and provide several current photos: portrait, casual, and full body.

As you may know, Jeff Rense is an Ashland,Oregon entrepreneur who cut his teeth in the pet shop and tanning salon businesses. Less well known is his career as a Lothario, married at least nine times.  

Tuesday in an article addressing me as “Monsieur Le Pig,” Jeff confirms this sort of number but spins it as a good thing:

“It is true I may be ‘competitive’ with the likes of a Cary Grant or Liz Taylor in the marriage department but that has about as much to do with the quality of journalism at as Grant’s marriages had to do with his superb acting. The common route taken with unsuccessful marriages is to stay in them. The less common route is to end them for the benefit of those concerned.” 

Yet, although Jeff’s divorces are approaching double digits, his ad below states that he is looking for someone with “traditional values.” Obviously, he is not describing himself.

many women have responded to this ad, only to have their lives shattered when the capricious JR put them out with the trash?

His ninth wife was a
talented professional who quit her job, sold her house and moved
across the country to live the Rense fantasy. They married in Dec. 2010
and seven weeks later, JR kicked her out. Her spirit is broken and she is in desperate straits.  


Read the personal ad below and see if you don’t agree. JR has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Read the symptoms and check them off:

  • React to criticism with rage, shame, or humiliation

  • Take advantage of other people to achieve his or her own goals

  • Have excessive feelings of self-importance

  • Exaggerate achievements and talents

  • Be preoccupied with fantasies of success, power, beauty, intelligence, or ideal love

  • Have unreasonable expectations of favorable treatment. (I would add – has no sense of the consequences of his deeds. Imagines himself the injured innocent.-HM)

  • Need constant attention and admiration

  • Disregard the feelings of others, and have little ability to feel empathy

  • Have obsessive self-interest

  • Pursue mainly selfish goals

He describes himself as “an American Treasure, consummate journalist, known for his kindness, loyalty, sensitivity compassion and intelligence.”

I’ve been enjoying that loyalty and kindness lately. (The loyalty of Jeff’s pack of yapping dogs, that is.) His hysterical childish reaction is clinical NPD. He has demonized me in the most extreme terms, decreed my career over, and flushed me down the toilet.

 “Here’s hoping that Monsieur Le Pig makes his final swirls around the toilet bowl soon…and vanishes from his own self-administered flush.”

Contrast that with what I say about him.

“I don’t want to destroy JR or his site, even if I could. He is doing a lot of good by providing an audience for courageous people like Bro Kapner. He helped me get my message out and for that I will always be grateful. For many years, I considered our relationship one of the highlights of my work.”


In the ad below, he rejects  “takers, users, deceivers,
betrayers, dual-agenda opportunists or people who misrepresent the
truth, either directly or by omission.

His hypocrisy has no limits.  The payments on his $30K motorcycle, $150K vintage cars and outdoor train are partly made with donations from readers who “want the truth to be told.” He tries to justify this here

In my case, he says he had a right to decide what went on his website. The article in question was not on his website.  It was on my site, and I didn’t care if he linked to it or not.

Yet, because I posted it, he terminated a 12-year relationship that had been valuable to us both and to the anti-NWO movement. He has done this to countless valuable allies. This is the same problem he has with women. He can’t build lasting alliances. 

His Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a liability to himself and to the anti-NWO movement in general. People with NPD are considered psychopaths. Patriots! The Illuminati do not have a monopoly on psychopaths. Rense’s public image disguises a very disturbed individual.     

Below, read the words of the man you count on for your news and opinions. After, there is additional info about NPD.)   


 A Special Invitation from Amanda Rose
Jeff’s MySpace Editor

You may often listen to his programs
and perhaps get your (real) news from his unique internet site.  You
believe in his values and admire his courage and sacrifice.
Jeff Rense is truly an American Treasure…known
as a consummate journalist and patriot and equally known for his kindness,
loyalty, sensitivity, compassion and intelligence.
In fact, he casts a very long
shadow. If you are a very special lady, Jeff would like to make your acquaintance…

“Having spent time with Jeff in person, I can tell
you that he looks exactly like his picture.” –Devvy Kidd

Dear Ladies!

If you are looking for stability and integrity, please spend some time and browse through his MySpace comments HERE (turn up your speakers) and you’ll gain a better idea of how diverse and unique some people still are.

We are looking for a KIND and thoughtful vegan or vegetarian, as attractive on the inside as out, someone who is fit and healthy and who enjoys some of the same things Jeff finds fun  and fulfilling.  Please, no tv or internet addicts, excessive alcohol users or those taking or dependent on psychotropic prescription drugs.  Our lady will be non-smoker, and who has no serious hidden emotional baggage or anger, repressed or otherwise.  Please, no hard core activists of any stripe.

Our search is for a gentle and intelligent woman who loves nature, gardening, the outdoors, trees and who truly enjoys the concept of a beautiful, warm and happy home.  It’s hard to project an age spread because there are exceptions on either side of one.  We’ve decided to start with 36-43. One well-adjusted son or daughter might possibly work.  Please no C/W music lovers…that just won’t work.  Some classical music interest or knowledge could be helpful.
kuciniches.jpeg(The Kucinich’s, left. Pic added by HM) 

Some of you may remember Congressman Dennis Kucinich and his similar, very successful, search for a partner which resulted in his meeting and marrying the beautiful Elizabeth Jane Harper in 2005. British born Mrs. Kucinich, 32, is also a vegan like her husband. Her background can be seen here.
Again, read Jeff’s MySpace page and you’ll get a good general idea of what we hope to find. REMEMBER, we don’t expect to find perfection, we are all human and have our own unique composition, so please don’t be shy…you never know what might be perfect chemistry even though some of the details don’t seem to ‘fit’. If you are even ‘close’ and have an interest, let us know!
So, to repeat, here are some of the key personality qualities and traits that are generally important and we are hoping to find…
* Above all: kind, honest, thoughtful, sweet, happy and gentle.  A realist…people who see the world as it truly is…not as they *think* it is.  Someone who still relates to their heart as their true mind and is not ruled by the ‘computer’ between their ears which can cause no end of mischief, grief and trouble.
*  Please, absolutely no one who is unfortunately emotionally-scarred, ‘high-mileage’ or damaged; no television or internet addicts.  PLEASE, no takers, users, deceivers, betrayers, dual-agenda opportunists or people who misrepresent the truth, either directly or by omission.
*  Vegan or vegetarian.  Must be HEALTHY and happy. No smokers, or animal and dairy eaters. No fast food junkies.  Organic only.  Someone who understands that processed and GMO foods, meat and dairy are, sooner or later, killers and the primary causes of poor mental and physical health and diseases.
*  We are looking for someone thin, relatively toned (no narcissists, please!), blonde or brunette…any normal height.  Beautiful on the inside and out.  Are we seeking too much in these very difficult times?  Maybe.  Already a mother? A mom with one well-grounded child is a possibility.
So, if you love nature, the mountains, wildlife, the seasons, and planting and nurturing a wonderful organic vegetable garden; if you enjoy the concept of home and land (Jeff does not travel much), hearing the sounds of waterfalls, the wind in the trees, visiting magical mountain lakes, rafting down a gentle, beautiful river, cooking healthy meals, watching movies of all sorts, listening to music, enjoy being around someone who is very well-informed, and just loving life, don’t hesitate in investigate this very special opportunity to possibly.
To participate is easy. Just email several current photos…portrait, casual and full body…of you having fun and being who you are…and a few paragraphs about yourself and why this ‘event’ is of interest.  We will screen everything for Jeff and send along those who seem to resonate within our search parameters.  Those Invited – if any – will receive an all expense paid weekend trip to gorgeous Ashland, Oregon. The ‘winner/s’ will have their own bedroom and private bath in a beautiful mountain home in a true storybook setting.  Lots to do and see!
We are looking for REAL PEOPLE with morals and vision and thoughtful, traditionally-oriented values, and who can prioritize life constructively.  Please no one with a temper – there is far too much anger in the world.  To repeat, NO ONE is perfect, nor do we expect them to be. These are just our markers for the kind of people we hope to find.  If you don’t fit in or have any interest, perhaps you know someone who might.  Women from countries outside the US are welcome but travel costs will have to be shared.
We sincerely look forward to hearing from you…because America still possesses some truly wonderful, honorable, intelligent, level-headed, HONEST women. And good luck to each of you who might consider this very Special Invitation. Your name, email address, photos and descriptions will remain absolutely private and confidential.  Please send your information, or questions, directly to me at:
My best wishes,  
Amanda Rose

After this is removed, Google “special invitation from Amanda Rose” and look at the cached page.

To learn more about Narcissistic Personality Disorder, watch this series by Thomas Sheridan;

and, to learn how to heal,  Surviving a Narcissist

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