“Jab & Go!” Airline Pushes Vaccine Gimmick To Promote Summer Flights

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News Story Source: Zero Hedge – Tyler Durden
Ryanair's website features a banner with the words 'BOOK SUMMER – VACCINES ARE COMING' alongside a generic image of a needle next to the words "Jab & Go!"

The ad looks like it is promoting some kind of package deal where people can arrange their vaccination at the same time they book their flight, but the whole thing is just a gimmick – Ryanair's isn't in the business of arranging vaccinations.

However, the promotion did leave many people wondering whether Ryanair was signaling that it would require passengers to take the shot before they're allowed to fly.

Ryanair out Ryanair-ing themselves with this website splash.

JAB AND GO. ????????????

I'm finding this funnier than I should pic.twitter.com/PMPOpEeD7d
— Callum Farmer (@CallumFarmer) December 22, 2020

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