It's a culture war. The cities are the enemy's bridgeheads, the government schools…

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Correspondents Rene Hartman and Bill Hodges responded to my Monday post by asserting the Republican — and even the Libertarian — parties are (have become?) just as bad as the far-left Democrats.

Yes, many sold-out Republican office-holders betray the American worker (or retiree) to their globalist (or pharmaceutical, or digital) paymasters as badly as the Dims. In fact, they can be worse, since traitors come at you from behind.

Voters could help a lot by turning out for primaries and imposing their own term limits — if the incumbent has been in Washington for eight years or more, and especially if he/she has a campaign war chest of a million dollars — you'd be better off sending your supermarket bagger. or the retired coot who keeps muttering about the unconstitutionality of the Federal Reserve.

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