Italy’s Next Political Crisis Depends On The Outcome Of An Online Vote

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Today, Italy's ruling 5-Star Movement will hold an online vote to decide whether or not to block a possible kidnapping trial against Matteo Salvini, the party's coalition ally and leader of the conservative League party, as well as to lift his legal immunity. A negative vote would allow prosecutors to proceed with a case against Salvini and potentially lead to government collapse

The vote is being held on Monday from 0900 GMT to 1800 GMT, and its result will dictate how the movement's senators will vote on Tuesday in a committee that could block the Sicilian probe.

However, unlike most other unscientific online polls, the outcome of this one could result in the latest (in a long series) of Italian government crises: according to Corriere della Sera, citing "concerned" government sources, a vote to allow legal proceedings against League's Matteo Salvini on Diciotti case "will provoke a government crisis" with Ansa echoing the sentiment, noting t
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