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WARNING: Because you are taking these steps…you will be afflicted.

It bears repeating; you are afflicted. You will be afflicted again, and because you are learning these techniques you will be afflicted in degrees and continue to be on a regular basis until you learn to bind and cast these evil spirits out. And remember that demons will return to tempt, oppress and afflict you again until the day of Judgment. This is a fact. We are at war…

Don’t think just because your not aware of it there’s not a war taking place. We can’t escape it through denial or passivity. The attacks never stop even if you don’t recognize the signs.
We live in THE AGE…the age when the disciples thought they did. We live in the age when all the generations before us thought was THAT TIME. We live in the end days.
The Veil is a separation between us and them. Sin can thin it…and keep doing so until you’re really in big trouble. Also, the end days are here and prophetically, we are told by GOD that the Veil is thinning. What does this mean? Well, it means the shadows are turning into solid forms. What was once a thin wispy shadow in the corner of your eye is now a solid form you can see before you. It can be in someone…that’s how they work. It can take form on its own too…and many of us are able to see spirits. This Veil is thinning to the degree that humanity is taking a pounding like never before.
Evil lurks in places such as politics, religion, science, and many other avenues and we are really beginning to see an increase in these areas. Schools teaching our children about homosexuality, programs on television which are ‘programming’ the next generations to accept evil. There’s no way to avoid it any longer. It’s pervasive in all walks of life. Even possessions are increasing like never before.
I have a friend who is ‘waking up’ to the world and to her spiritual side. And she was attacked recently. Attacked in her sleep. It scared her so badly she called me at 3am! What did I say about 3? And I told her, this is how the dark side works. They know she is starting to wake up and they don’t want her to. She will obviously be a threat to Satan or he wouldn’t send his minions.
But, this is how it works…if you peer into the darkness, it peers back. So, you need to learn how to FIGHT! Offensively, and defensively….


Three Levels
There’s just something about the number three! GOD has the Holy Trinity and Satan can’t stand it. Deliverance consists of about three equal parts: teaching, casting out and counseling.


Oppression-This is the entry level…and it’s where you begin to learn the signs, and significance of warfare tactics. Evil constantly lurks and wants to prevent us from drawing near to GOD. It’s the little lies at first..then once you’re good at them, Satan teaches you to use your tongue to tell big lies. It’s the initial dialogue/connections that begin the path that leads to a trail. once your inoculated you begin to listen to the whispers of the demons to remain in fear, guilt, lust, pride…and this can actually lead to dabbling in the occult. Satan does it with our flesh…emotions, appetites, and desires.


Obsession-Next level…you notice the behaviors which are involved with evil become obsessive. Some people believe that mental issues are the cause of OCD, and other similar problems but I firmly believe that demons are part of the problem…at the core!
(1) character defects wherein a specific area has not been developed properly due to a lack of training or mentoring;

(2) insufficient strength of will; and

(3) decisions made to pursue pride, an appetite, emotion or desire, based on ignorance of the consequences.


Obsessing over an issue alerts demons that you have a weakness! An evil spirit will try to attach itself to that same area of weakness and the problem only increases in intensity.
Discernment is required to distinguish between causes and any spirits that may be operating. It is best to work on causes first through forgiveness, paradigm shifting, value-system upgrades, healing of memories, repentance, the Sacraments, and will strengthening.

Possession-This one is quite controversial! Why? Because there are certain people who don’t believe that a Believer can be possessed. Well, I know that we have three ( 3) parts of a human; mind, body and soul/spirit. And a demon can only ‘possess’ the mind and body in the Believer because The Holy Spirit resides in the soul/spirit. You see, these two are material items, and the soul/spirit is supernatural.
It was once said that excessively sustained violent attacks of the mind on a person was rare, but now this is not the case.
More typically, an individual reaches this level after yielding to several areas of obsessive, sinful behavior. Significant involvement with the occult is a regular stepping-stone. A substantial part of the person’s will has been given over to wrong behavior, and thus, to the influence and control by evil spirits. The individual’s resistance is so weakened he is unable to summon sufficient will to deal with the attacks.
Warfare at this level requires considerable spiritual horsepower — an intervention by someone from the outside with significant spiritual authority.
Evil spirits are smarter and more powerful than are we. That’s why we need Jesus’ authority in spiritual warfare; for our own protection.
When a person has reached this level of involvement, significant changes beyond day-to-day spiritual warfare have occurred. There are roots that support and nourish the obsession that must also be addressed, in addition to the specific relationship with the evil spirit.

It’s true that, using the “gift oriented” model, an individual with sufficient spiritual authority might be successful in delivering someone from an evil spirit. But, unless the roots are also dealt with, the odds of return to the obsession remain high. Some typical roots are:


Unforgiveness — If a person harbors unforgiveness for an offense or trauma related to an insult, rejection, ridicule, gross neglect, sexual or physical abuse, and so on — related spirits of fear, anger, shame, lust, addiction, etc. can use that unforgiveness as a lever that allows them to hang on during the discard process, or return afterwards.

Serious Sin — The knowledge of being right with GOD is a major factor enabling and nurturing the confidence necessary to use Jesus Christ’s authority, and issue a firm deliverance command. Some form of confession and seeking GOD’S forgiveness is helpful: “Therefore confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed.”

Repentance — The relationship between the individual and an evil spirit at the level of obsession, is much deeper than in day-to-day warfare. It is not sufficient to have an attitude of off-hand rejection of the spirit. Instead, the individual’s attitude must be one of total, unwavering, even hostile rejection. This more severe attitude is communicated by a firm decision to not only stop obsessive practices, but to initiate countervailing efforts to radically change direction — towards Jesus Christ.


Inner Vow — Occasionally, especially during the early years, a person will suffer such a significant emotional trauma, he makes a formal vow, promise, or pact with himself, to permanently avoid behaviors that would risk such hurts again.

Inner Vows cripple at least a part of an individual’s relationship skills, and cause distortions in other skills. Jesus Christ commands that we be open to the full expression of agápe love without agenda or withholding. “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.” (Jn 15:12)

Significant Inner Vows can block the healing of memories or a deliverance. The vow must be formally renounced, then broken in the Name of Jesus Christ, with the same determination and repentant attitudes described above. Vows, however, are simply renounced, broken, rendered null and void. There is no need to cast them out or send them somewhere.

Occult Practices — The consequences of occult involvement come in two-parts: a unique relationship with evil, and enticements from occult spirits to nurture that relationship. We like to say an occult relationship is the equivalent of giving Satan permission to back a truckload of evil up to your mind, and dump it in, whenever he wants.


Involvement usually begins with seemingly innocent and harmless contacts, such as: Fortune Telling; the early stages of New Age meditations in Yoga and Transcendental Meditation; or Ouija Board and Table Tipping. Soon, however, we are tempted to go deeper with the promised rewards of special powers and knowledge, mysterious and hidden, available only to the select few who are “in the know”.

All of that is a lie, of course. None of it comes from GOD. Even if some unique experiences happen, they only serve to draw us closer to evil. That is why an occult relationship is an abomination before GOD. Substantial involvement is a serious sin. It is pointless to debate how innocent one may have been in these contacts. They are all deadly. Guilt is not the issue here, infection is.

The occult relationship should be broken — firmly, with nothing held back, in a manner similar to breaking a vow — before dealing with the spirits. The individual must seek forgiveness renounce occult involvement, repent as described above, take authority over the relationship in the Name of Jesus Christ, and break it in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Once the occult relationship is broken, the occult spirits are then delivered out of the person.
When a tree stump is removed, the worker first digs deep around it and cuts as many feeder roots as possible. After the stump has been loosened, a chain is attached and a powerful machine hooked up to pull it out. The taproots (those that go straight down, deep), are exposed as the stump tips over, and cut last, releasing the stump to be dragged away. A similar technique is used to deal with obsession.


We have found it best to handle the forgiveness of others first. This is often a difficult and painful process. But, it is necessary to enable reception of Jesus Christ’s forgiveness for our own mistakes, and clear the way to exercise Jesus Christ’s authority.

“For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father also will forgive you; but if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.” (Mt 6:14,15)

Next, deal with any serious sin. We have ministered with several priests over the years and can testify to the wonderful blessings of the Sacrament of Penance, whether it’s received before or after personal ministry. At a minimum, go before Jesus Christ, confess your sin, and have a “firm purpose of amendment”.

Then, break any destructive inner vows and all occult relationships. The words used to break an inner vow might go something like this:

Jesus Christ, I acknowledge that I have made a vow to never love again, and it has affected my relationships with others. I ask Your forgiveness for making this vow, and my actions in following it. I choose now to cooperate with Your Love for others, in its place. So, in the Name of Jesus Christ, I renounce my vow to never love again in my life. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I break this vow; any hold it has in my life; and I render it torn asunder.


Breaking an occult relationship could go something like this:

Jesus Christ, I acknowledge that I have cooperated with occult practices in my life. I ask Your forgiveness for this serious offense against You. I choose now to trust in, and seek, Your Love for me in their place. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I renounce any and all relationships I have with the occult. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I break these relationships, any hold they have in my life, and I render them null and void for all time.

These examples are offered to show how the necessary elements might be put together: confession, forgiveness, repentance, and the exercise of Jesus Christ’s authority in His name. Notice how repentance is not treated alone, as an independent issue — but integrated within the process.

The examples are real, but not a formula to be recited blindly. An individual can make up his own words, as he is lead by Jesus Christ. The effectiveness of the command is not in the precision and efficacy of the content, but rather in the individual’s commitment of will, and inclusion of the necessary elements.

Having dealt with the major “feeder roots”, any evil spirits discerned to be involved with the obsession, are now discarded. It is best to deal with each spirit separately.


There are a few, important changes because obsession is a more serious condition:

Confession and seeking forgiveness from Jesus Christ for cooperating with the evil spirit is added.

The choosing part of repentance is more specifically related to the spirit at hand. For example: one might choose forgiveness in place of anger; respect in place of sexual lust, obedience to Jesus Christ in place of occult, or humility in place of pride. The choices of alternative directions need not be exact opposites in some legalistic sense; just the beginning of a change in direction, substantially away from the relationship.

The ending is stiffened to express more intentional finality in the obsessive relationship’s demise.

The deliverance command is a confrontation between the individual and the evil spirit with whom he has been cooperating. It is a helpful confidence builder, for the individual to place himself in Jesus Christ’s Presence when confronting the spirit. Nevertheless, while it’s Jesus Christ’s authority being used, it’s the individual who must use it.


An example of the deliverance command for a spirit of fear is shown below. Notice how the first part is between the individual and Jesus Christ. In the second part, the individual must turn and directly address the spirit.

Jesus Christ, I acknowledge that I have cooperated with fear in my life for a long time. I ask Your forgiveness for that cooperation, and my lack of trust in You.

You spirit of fear in my life, I renounce you and I choose to trust in Jesus Christ’s love for me, in your place. And now, in the Name of Jesus Christ, I take authority over you, fear in my life, and I break any hold you have on me. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I command you to depart from me, to leave me peaceably, and go to where Jesus Christ sends you. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I close the door on you in my life, forever.


If there is some doubt that the spirit has left, the individual can repeat the command, a number of times if necessary. The command directs the spirit to leave peaceably to preclude any histrionics from the spirit. Some people experience a sense of peace, or having a burden lifted. But many others experience nothing.

A long as the individual’s will was firmly engaged in the command, and Jesus Christ’s authority was used in His name, one can be confident the spirit has left, and the relationship is broken. Our trust is in Jesus Christ and His authority, not how we feel.

“When the unclean spirit has gone out of a man, he passes through waterless places seeking rest, but he finds none. Then he says, ‘I will return to my house from which I came.’ And when he comes he finds it empty, swept, and put in order. Then he goes and brings with him seven other spirits more evil than himself, and they enter and dwell there; and the last state of that man becomes worse than the first…” (Mt 12:43-45)

Once the relationships, the “feeder roots”, and the spirits have been dealt with, it is still necessary for the individual to reinforce his defenses and correct any weaknesses that made him so vulnerable in the first place.

It is recommended that the individual recite the deliverance command every day for a short time following the deliverance process. This does not suggest the original command was ineffective, but rather, helps the individual strengthen his will, and his determination to have nothing more to do with the obsession and its spirits. When a broken bone is mending, muscles degenerate and must be restored through exercise, long after the bone has healed.


Attacks from spirits of fear and doubt may increase for a time, trying to convince the individual that the obsession’s spirits never left, or have come back.

The individual should ask Jesus Christ to heal any memories that contributed to the obsession. In addition, related values must be adjusted, paradigms shifted, and habits broken. These take time and effort, but are necessary to close the door on the obsession permanently.
It bears repeating — no one can ever be so under the influence of evil spirits that they possess him, and that Jesus Christ is unable to free him. The range of Obsession is quite large, running from simple to substantial. Most relationships with evil fall into that category and can be handled as presented earlier.

Nevertheless, it is possible for a person to become so deeply given-over to a relationship with evil, he is unable to summon the will to free himself through the deliverance process defined above. When an individual reaches this very serious level of involvement — unfortunately labeled Possession — significant, spiritual horsepower is required to free him.

An individual can arrive at this point from many different directions.

Factors of involvement that occur regularly, may include: Participation in the occult, committing idolatry, having stubborn and/or blind pride, experiencing a major trauma (mental or physical), using non-Christian meditating, using weak or no discernment, and participation in New Age Energy practices.


Any time an issue is analyzed or discussed, it’s necessary to remove it from its normal context so a proper focus can be achieved without distractions. Then, when the review is completed, the issue is returned to its normal context, so the benefit of any learning can be realized in one’s day-to-day activities, without overwhelming other issues.

It bears repeating; you are afflicted. You will be afflicted again, and because you are learning these techniques you will be afflicted in degrees and continue to be on a regular basis until you learn to bind and cast these evil spirits out. And remember that demons will return to tempt, oppress and afflict you again until the day of Judgment. This is a fact. We are at war…

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