Israel’s Holiday Season Atrocities

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Opinion Column by Stephen Lendman
Israel's Holiday Season Atrocities

by Stephen Lendman

Millions of defenseless Palestinians endure the full force of Israeli brutality, continuing daily throughout the year, including during holiday season, ignored by Western media.

Since Trump's Jerusalem declaration, Israeli forces murdered 15 Palestinians in cold blood, injured well over 4,000 others, detaining over 600, including around 200 children and over a dozen women.

In response to stray rockets fired from Gaza, challenging its ruthlessness, its warplanes terror-bombed the Strip several times, its ground forces shelling the territory, the latest incident on Friday.

The IDF fired ground-to-ground missiles while Israeli warplanes and drones circled overhead. The extent of damage and casualties is unclear.

In response to occasional rockets fired on Israel, nearly always doing no harm, the IDF responds with disproportionate force.

Separately on Friday, Palestinians continued
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