Israel to Decide Fate of the JCPOA?

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Israel to Decide Fate of the JCPOA?

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According to Biden's secretary of state-designee Anthony Blinken, the new regime in town will keep much of its predecessor's geopolitical agenda in place.

Former usurper-in-waiting/self-designated interim Venezuelan president Guaido — no longer a National Assembly member — will still unlawfully be recognized as Venezuelan president.

No matter that he never ran for presidency, ever received a single vote for the office, or that according to polls, he's perhaps the most reviled Bolivarian Republic citizen with low single-digit support.

When self-declaring himself Bolivarian Republic president two years ago, at least one poll showed that 81% of Venezuelans never heard of him.

No US reset with Russia is planned, no olive branch coming in the interest of furthering world peace and stability.

US opposition to completion o
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