Is Controlling the Switch

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News Story Source: by Robin Koerner
Most wannabe moral philosophers know the "trolley problem" or, to be more accurate, the class of trolley problems, which seek to reveal whether you'd take a deliberate, positive action that you know will harm someone in order to reduce harm to others. The purpose of these thought experiments is to shed light on morality and moral intuition.

The classic exemplar considers whether you'd flip the points on a train track to send a trolley loose from a train that was going to kill three people on its current course down another track where it will kill only one. If you flip the points, then the moral upside is that you saved three-minus-one-equals-two lives net; the moral downside is that you were directly responsible for killing a man.

One can almost hear excited moral philosophers' whispering, "It's happening." The coronavirus is the trolley problem of the century. Well, almost.

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