Is Cancer Caused By Unbalanced Chromosomes Rather Than Gene Mutations?

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What causes cancer?  Or more important, what un-causes cancer?

In widespread circulation on the worldwide web today (March 7) is investigative reporter Jon Rappoport's coverage of the work of cancer researcher David Rasnick PhD.  Rasnick proposes cancer does not emanate from accumulated gene mutations as commonly believed but rather from unbalanced chromosomes.  Dr. Rasnick attempts to raise funds to complete his 2nd edition book on this topic (Precarious Balance: What Cancer Really is)

The theory of chromosomal imbalance and cancer may be new to reporter Rappoport, but not to the cancer research world.  One might get the misimpression Dr. Rasnick is the originator of this theory after reading Rappoport's report and visiting Dr. Rasnick's website.  The modern chromosomal theory of cancer has been postulated from University of California, Berkeley genetics researcher Peter Duesberg, as explained in his paper entitled CHROMOSOMAL CHAOS AND CANCE
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