IRS’s Dirty Secret — Income Tax is Voluntary!

IRS taxation is a voluntary contract between consenting parties and cannot be compelled. Since we don’t know this, they trick us into “consenting.”

by Gary Kinghorn
(abridged by

“Taxation by Misrepresentation”, an E-book by John W. Benson,  is by far the best explanation of our income tax system and the laws involved in compelling citizens to pay income tax.

All IRS processes and procedures are based on the revenue procedures employed by the king’s revenue officials in the Exchequer (Treasury) in 1791, dressed up in modern garb.

A precedent-setting Supreme Court tax case in 1856 cited several English treatises as authorities on the ancient processes used by the king’s Exchequer.

Essentially, the statute staple process is a voluntary contractual process used in merchant law and not common law. The result is that IRS taxation is a voluntary contractual process between consenting parties and cannot be compelled on an individual.

Much of the IRS code and procedures are designed to both conform to this fact, while insidiously hiding its significance from the populace, and doing everything in their power to intimidate tax payers to “volunteer” payment, even if at gunpoint.

In other words, if you are a 14th Amendment “citizen”, you are a serf on the land, a liege to your lord, in this case the Federal Government.

The Federal Government, as it would to a serf, “owns” your labor and can rightfully take your income now (the compensation for your labor) as it deems reasonable according to the contractual benefits you “applied for” when you “volunteer” or “contract” yourself into this status.

Remember that under the Constitution, we have unalienable rights and are Citizens (cap “C”) of the United States of America (the country, not the corporation).

How do you “volunteer” yourself to become a 14th Amendment citizen-serf, under the definition designed for freed slaves?

Well, by “voluntarily” submitting your IRS Form 1040, you annually assert that you are a 14th Amendment citizen (small “c”). The 13th amendment prohibits involuntary servitude, but does not prohibit “voluntary” servitude according to contract law. 

Ergo, you have been had. This is less the Home of the Free and Land of the Brave, than the Home of Fools and the Land of Liars.

So, what do you do now?

John points out in very clear terms in his “Disclaimer” at the very opening of his book that this is a political battle. Do NOT stop filing the usual tax returns and paying the usual taxes that the IRS and the courts require.

This would be like going to a Mafia crime boss and telling him there’s no law allowing him to extract his “security” payments. You will not come out better for the conversation. But realize that we have become a nation of thugs and corruption, and not laws, despite your education to the contrary. John pleads with his readers to unite to overturn the entire system and replace it with a fairer and more transparent tax system for all, rather than for a small number to try to win a few battles in courts that, in his view, are simply not going to allow any victories, truth and justice be damned.

The full text can be found here.

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