INITIATE of the ILLUMINATI: From the perspective of history’s 1st “verified” Level 1.1 Initiate~

While many claim the title, there is only one Secret Society who is rightfully the original, and historical Illuminati. If you have ever wanted to read a book about this mysterious group that contains current, and verifiable information from one of it’s Citizen Members, this is it. The Illuminati’s latest incarnation, in the form of a public outreach under the name ILLUMINATIAM, began with their first ‘tweet’ in Oct of 2013. By late 2014, they had been discovered by iVy Taroc who, almost 3 years later, would become the first publicly verified Level 1.1 Initiate in the modern era. A distinction that was earned, and given to her by the Illuminati themselves. “V” shares her personal experiences as an Initiate, for those who are interested in knowing more about the living history of this movement, and the community of curators who are being prepared to lead us into a New Age of Enlightenment~

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