In Latest Blow For Uber, EU High Court Rules Company Must Be Regulated As Taxi Service

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In another major blow to Uber's ability to operate profitably within the European Union, the EU's highest court ruled on Wednesday that the ride-hailing app company is, in fact, a transportation company, and its drivers should be subjected to all pertinent regulations for taxi and livery-cab drivers. The decision opens the US ride-hailing app up to tougher national regulation in Europe's 28 member states. The judgment effectively shifts Uber's legal status from a digital company to a transportation company, giving it less freedom from regulation in the EU's single market, according to the Financial Times.

What's worse, the final ruling from Luxembourg judges cannot be appealed and follows a preliminary ECJ opinion earlier this year that said Uber was more than a "mere intermediary" for customers trying to hail a cab, despite its use of mobile technology.

Uber "must be classified as 'a service in the field of transport' within the
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