In 2020, Central Bankers Everywhere Are Being Exposed

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News Story Source:, by Jeffrey Snider
The ECB's balance of digitally-printed bank reserves is rising fast while the Federal Reserve's reserves plateaued months ago. For the first time in its history, the Europeans claim "excess liquidity" (their term) in excess of €3.3 trillion and steadily rising.

In years long past, this "flood" would've unleashed howls of protest spoken primarily in the German language, the damning label "Weimar" thrown loosely around in even mainstream channels. Nowadays, barely a peep.

One big reason why is the constant and real flood of instead deflationary signals proliferating and rising. Where inflation – or at the very least early signs of inflation – are supposed to be, there remain only the opposite despite the ECB on the winning side of QE pacing.

Not just current measurements of consumer prices, either. Those are actually falling, by the way, with negative CPI's (and HICP's, as they do over there) growing more negative in October
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