Illuminati,Music, and The Occult Part 2

In Part 1 of this series I pointed out that there is no such secret society called “The Illuminati”. I want to clear up a few things before we begin with Part 2. There was an Order of The Illuminati founded by Adam Weishaupt in 1776. This order was a spin off from the Jusuit Order (Society of Jesus) and was comprised of a group of free thinking males that wanted to disassociate themselves from the strict rules of the Catholic Church. Most of the members of this order came from the freemasonic lodges and temples. This order is not in existence in this day and time, but it’s teachings have been transported into other occult orders. When I speak of the occult, in these articles, I am referring to it’s influence in our modern day music and entertainment industry.


The Illuminating degrees have always been apart of the occult even before Adam Weishaupt came on the scene. He did popularize the terminology by naming his Order after the degrees within Orders that predate The Order of The Illuminati but he was not the originator.


The Illuminati degrees go back past 10,000 years to the times of Atlantis. There has always been a group that acted as custodians or world rulers since the beginning of human civilization. To become a custodian or God you had to be born into a royal family and from there one would have to become initiated into the degrees of higher sciences, called the occult. The Custodians ruled over the masses called sheep, goyim, or gentiles depending on what era we are speaking of. The names and titles change, but the game stays the same throughout history, regardless of language, class, or creed.


The Custodians or Gods made appointed Kings andQueensfrom amongst the people. These kings and queens were appointed as rulers and idols of worship to the masses. Kingship isn’t dead. It is stll alive within the music industry and film industry and this is why entertainers receive royalties from the executive rulers. The entertainemrs are modern day kings and queens appointed by the Gods or executives. See how the game is still being played right before your eyes???


The occultist learned the art of communicating with beings from higher dimensions called extraterrestrials (extra-terra-astrals). They received information from these beings, from different dimensions, and they brought the information back here to this planet. They introduced this information to the people (masses) in the form of art, science, and, technology. To the occultists their relationship with the different extraterrestrials is what deemed them to be the Gods and rulers of the planet. The extraterrestrials introduced the rulers to info not known by the average laymen and laywoman and they also taught the how to use their four higher senses. These senses are telepathy, clairvoyance, psychometry, and intuition. (More on this in Part 3)


Let us clarify what an extraterrestrial is and isn’t. To properly understand and overstand this terminology lets break down the word. Extra-terra-astral



Extra: beyond what is usual.

Terra: earth land. The original name of planet Earth.

Astral: pertaining to or proceeding from the stars.


So, in essence, a E.T. is anything not originally from this planet and further more it can be light coming from the stars. That’s right! E.T.’s come from the stars and stars project light. This is where the illuminating or enlightenment originated from, the stars.




The Masons and Eastern stars of today got their teachings and degrees from the Ancient, Babylonians, Egyptians, and Sumerians. The Egyptians and Sumerians were the children of the Atlanteans and the Atlanteans were heavily involved with and go their info from extraterrestrials. (More on this in Part 3)


Many of you know that the high degree Masons worship Lucifer as their God. Many people associate Lucifer, the devil, and Satan with one another but this is a common fallacy, popularized in our era of time. Lucifer means “light bearer” or “one who holds the torch.” This is a title that is held by many in various schools of the occult and it is given to one of enlightenment and wisdom. I wasn’t until the advent of religion that Lucifer was labeled evil or bad.


The term devil isn’t synonymous with Lucifer, or satan. Webster dictionary and American dictionaries don’t do a good job at defining devil because this word is not rooted in English. To properly understand this word one would have to go to the origin. Devi comes from the Greek word “diaballein” and it means “slanderer”.


The term satan comes from the Hebrew word Shaitan and means adversary or opponent. This word is frequently used out of context within religions to me some guy with horns that lives underground. This misnomer comes from the modern day religious minds that have lost the meanings of many words and use them out of context. Shaitan was used in the day to day Hebrew lingo to mean opponent or adversary. The darkness around this word did not come until recently with the rise of modern day western civilization.


Now it is safe to say that a recording artist or occultist wouldn’t ignorantly worship satan or the devil because these words are just attributes of character and not beings or entities.


The claim that recording artists and film makers are taught to worship Lucifer can be correct because Lucifer is a being or entity. Actually, if one follows the logic of what I wrote above about extraterrestrials, Lucifer is an E.T. In The Bible Lucifer is called the bright and morning star and as I said earlier extraterrestrials mean proceeding to earth from the stars. (Refer to Katy Perry’s Song E.T.) ( More on this in Part 3)


With the above stated the question then becomes why are the artists so fascinated with these beings and E.T.’s? Is Lucifer an Artist himself? Is this realy the recording artists singing to you or is this Luciferian’s from other dimensions?


I will answer the above questions and introduce more inforation in Part 3 of this measure. I will also touch on Aleister Crowley and his connection to modern day occultism and the music industry. It seems that the musicians, film makers, and occultist have a big secret that that they are with holding from the people.


Please keep in mind that I am an occultist and musician myself. I teach from a perspective and school that I have been formally initiated in. I am also a free and independent recording artist, specializing in Nu Age Hip-hop, who delves more into the mysteries within my music. Check me out here:


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Part 3 Coming Soon.


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