Illuminati ‘Vow of Silence’ and the entertainment industry

You’ll notice that several artists and actors will hold their finger to their mouth in the ‘Shhh’ motion, or even just cover their mouth at times when taking photos. These people in the entertainment industry also get tattoos along said finger in case your attention wasn’t drawn in enough on what they were gesturing. The world of conspiracy theory claims that these gestures aren’t coincidental (duh, what isn’t intentional in this crazy realm?), but rather symbolic of the world’s best kept secret; the Illuminati.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Vow of Silence Rihanna

The theory claims that these artists know about the secret inner workings of this dark world and they use this as leverage to let others know that they are down with the inner sanctum. They are conveying the message that they know to keep quiet, as should you.

The concept of MK ULTRA (a legitimate CIA brainwashing program) robotic mind programming goes down this rabbit hole as well. The MONARCH sub-program of MK ULTRA (not so legitimate- but rather something eyewitnesses have claimed to be a part of like Cathy O’Brien) is also evident with the plethora of Monarch butterflies found in similar photo shoots. These artists want others to know that they are involved with these mind control programs and they are quite okay with it.


gaga butterfly illuminati

The master occultist Aleister Crowley had an Illuminati vow of silence, as mentioned in this very in-depth article by HenryMakow:

According to the Beast, a small elite must rule over the masses: “You will observe that I am advocating an aristocratic revolution.  And so I am!” Most of Crowley’s evil doctrines have been kept secret in the past through initiation requirements in satanic lodges.  Crowley emphasized the doctrine of silence, as seen below in full magical garb making the stance and gesture of silence. 

crowley silence

In fact, that same Makow article takes that infamous Crowley concept of ‘do what thou wilt’ further back to the Hellfire Club founded by Dashwood (see my post on Hellfire Caves and Orion Constellation Theory):

The axiom “do what thou wilt was derived from the French playwright Rabelais, who defined a community of individuals who dedicated their lives to personal freedom:

All their life was regulated not by laws, statutes or rules, but according to their free will and pleasure. They rose from bed when they pleased, and drank, ate, worked and slept when the fancy seized them. Nobody woke them; nobody compelled them either to eat or to drink, or to do anything else whatever… In their rules there was only one clause: do what thou wilt.

The doctrine of silence was emphasized at the Hellfire Club:  Dashwood definitely created an ancient Egyptian-Graeco-Roman theme for the club. The visitor to Medmenham was welcomed by a statue of Harpocrates, as well as of his female equivalent, the goddess Angerona. They seem to be there to remind the members that they are required to be silent about what goes on inside.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Vow of Silence Dashwood Hellfire


And if you want to take the vow of silence concept even further back, Makow points out that the Greek god Harpocrates (the Greek god of silence) derives from the Egyptian god Horus (again, tying us into Crowley through his Aeon of Horus; the All Seeing Eye, see my Aleister Crowley and the Entertainment Industry post):

The Egyptians had their own God of Silence:  Haar-Poor-Kraat, a god-form of Horus.  This god-form has always been depicted with the right hand placed toward the mouth with one finger over the lips in a gesture of silence.

The Greeks had their own God of Silence as well: Harpocrates, a version of the Egyptian God of Silence.  This god-form was similarly depicted as his Egyptian counterpart, with the right hand placed toward the mouth and one finger over the lips in a gesture of silence.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Vow of Silence Haar Poor Kraat

This concept of the Aeon of Horus that Crowley believed he was introducing in the early 20th century is pervasive in the entertainment industry, as is evident with the never ending symbolism found in photos of one eye, or the All Seeing Eye. I go into much more colorful detail in my highly acclaimed book A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory: The Illuminati, Ancient Aliens, and Pop Culture (well, maybe not highlyacclaimed, but so far I’ve got one 5-star review as of this writing and I promise that wasn’t from me):

Large Image

Now that we have a working knowledge and undeniable proof that the Illuminati, Aleister Crowley, entertainment industry, Egyptian god Horus, et. al. are all into this concept of a vow of silence, let’s take a look around us and see what imagery we can find (and just to be transparent, I found a slew of images for this post on ExposingTheMatrix, which has several more worth looking at):

First up, let’s take a look at these ‘child-god’ figures (conceptual of the Aeon of Horus where we worship children) from Nickelodeon and Disney where they recruit young stars and brainwash them to unleash the Illuminati symbolism on the most impressionable children of the world.

Here’s Selena Gomez:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Vow of Silence Selena Gomez

Lindsay Lohan:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Vow of Silence Lindsay Lohan

Demi Lovato:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Vow of Silence Demi Lovato

Hannah Montana aka Miley Cyrus:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Vow of Silence Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus

Ol’ babyface Justin Bieber got down with it:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Vow of Silence Justin Bieber

Beyond those young stars, we have some of the ‘usual suspects’ that we’ve seen Illuminati symbolism from the rest of the music industry.

Lady Gaga giving the vow of silence, the ’666′ hand gesture, and the All Seeing Eye of Horus:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Vow of Silence Lady Gaga

Your boy Eminem has been vacillating between exposing the Illuminati and serving it for years:

IlluminatWatcherDotCom Eminem Shhh Illuminati vow of silence

Here’s another variation we see with the mouth covered up. This shot is presumably for censorship, but whatever:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Vow of Silence Eminem

Don’t forget Young Weezy Baby:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Lil Wayne vow of silence


Now let’s also be fair, and understand that the rap culture/artists seem to embrace the credo of ‘Stop Snitchin’ which basically is street code for not talking to the police about crimes committed (taken from the Mafia’s ‘Omerta’). Much of the fingers to the mouth stuff we see is in reference to lyrics about not speaking to the fuzz. Example:

IlluminatWatcherDotCom Game Shhh Illuminati vow of silence 2

But what do we make of images such as these where Lil Wayne points to his head as if to say that he’s a dead man if he speaks about the music industry?:


IlluminatWatcherDotCom Lil Wayne Shhh Illuminati vow of silence

IlluminatWatcherDotCom Lil Wayne Shhh Illuminati vow of silence 2

Here’s one I found from Kanye West in his Bound 2 music video:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Kanye West Bound 2 shhh finger

Transitioning over to pop and R&B, we see creepy imagery like the late Aaliyah keeping her mouth shut here:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Vow of Silence Aaliyah

Cher even gets down (even with Moloch hand signs):

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Vow of Silence Cher

Katy Perry (this one is a bit weak, but it’s there):

IlluminatWatcherDotCom Katy Perry Shhh Illuminati vow of silence

And of course we have the princess of darkness, Rihanna:

IlluminatWatcherDotCom Rihanna Shhh Illuminati vow of silence

The original princess of Illuminati, Madonna:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Vow of Silence Madonna

Lily Allen:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Vow of Silence Lily Allen

And don’t forget about the King of Pop, Michael Jackson:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Vow of Silence Michael Jackson

And here’s your boy Johnny Depp:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Vow of Silence Johnny Depp

I’ll update this post as I find more of these symbolic images, which can be expected because that’s what the entertainment industry does; constant attacks on the subconscious.

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