Illuminati trying to shut down Bitcoin?

The CEO of Bitcoin, Charlie Shrem, was arrested on Sunday, January 26th while we were all distracted with the Pro Bowl and Grammy weekend. Apparently he was laundering Bitcoins to the underground Silk Road for a guy out of Florida (of course it had to be Florida; can they ever not be in the news for something?).

Apparently Shrem helped buy and sell Bitcoins to this black market system; fromMoney.CNN: Federal documents cite email exchanges between Shrem and Faiella that show how close they worked together. Although Shrem never knew Faiella by his actual name — only by BTCKing — the young executive helped the older man avoid trouble. For example, when Faiella’s frequent and large cash deposits raised eyebrows at a cash processing company, Shrem advised Faiella on how to avoid sounding alarms.The IRS claims the partners exchanged $1.05 million in bitcoins over a 10-month period ending in October 2012.Faiella eventually ended the partnership with Shrem. By 2013, he was exchanging more than $20,000 a week for Silk Road clients.Bitcoin We all know there is a conspiracy brewing, and nobody is more convinced of this than Shrem himself:  

BitInstant’s website was down Monday after the announcement by federal law enforcement.

  Several lawmakers have called for increased regulation of Bitcoin in light of the currency’s heightened privacy, given that they can be traded without using names and are difficult to trace to an individuals.During an interview with Russian media news group RT last year, Shrem called the current financial regulations “crazy.”“They’re throwing me under the bus,” he said of the U.S. government. “They don’t like us.” So what do you think? Is the Fed Reserve trying to close down this little scheme? We’ve seen Bitcoin pop up in conspiracy theories like Paul Walker’s death: Some are claiming he was a huge proponent and investor in Bitcoin (with the unsubstantiated claim that he invested over $40M; which the Bitcoin has its own ties to the underground Silk Road or Deep Web with assassins trading Bitcoins and services), JD Boaz, Manly Well, and I talked about this Bitcoin phenomenon and some documentaries briefly in our Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture Podcast E2 as well: Review of last week’s first podcast: How the Illuminati knew to put 12 skeletons in Lil Wayne’s My Homies Still music video, Miley Cyrus’ invocation of KaliReview of last week’s posts: Beyonce’s Illuminati symbolism in music video and Jesus replacement as ‘Beysus’, Chris Christie’s bridge closing conspiracy theoryGoogle and the Transhumanism agenda: Acquisition of the military/DARPA Boston Dynamics robotics, neck tattoos, predictive programming, Matrix type future, virtual-Avatar-Facebook, Michael Jackson’s 50 foot robot, Bitcoins conspiracy (true avoidance of Fed Reserve; or Illuminati backed ploy to make more money?)  

You can also hear comedian Bill Burr talk about some shadiness by HSBC banking who bans customers from making large cash withdrawls (even if it’s their money). It’s on his podcast for January 27th, 2014; about 26 minutes in. I talk about him in my book and this is why; he’s pointing out the cyclical scheme of the banks not possessing cash that they loan out to you. DailyMail posted about this HSBC scandal: Bank customers who try to withdraw large sums of cash over the counter face a grilling and may be asked to provide written confirmation of why they need the funds. Under pressure to crack down on fraud, branch staff are increasingly demanding customers supply evidence of what they plan to spend their own money on. HSBC last year introduced new rules which allow staff to block a demand for cash unless you can prove what it’s for

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