Illuminati symbolism in Miley Cyrus ‘Tongue Tied’ video

Miley Cyrus did a collaboration with Quentin Jones for a video called Tongue Tied. In said video, you’ll see all sorts of bondage-y, BDSM-esque imagery, but I’d like to point out one that stands out:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Miley Cyrus Mark of Beast 2


The ‘X’s over the eyes are the sign for the Mark of the Beast; or perhaps the demon spirits of the dark side of the Kabbalah, known as the Qlipoth. This is a theory that I became aware of due to conspiracy theorist/occult expert Freeman. He pointed out the symbolism found in the X-Men logo (that ‘X’ with the ‘O’ around it). When you look at the two letters ‘X’ and ‘O’ from the viewpoint of numerology, you can see the ‘O’ is the 15th letter of the alphabet, and 1+5=6. The ‘X’ is the 24th letter and 2+4=6. The ‘O’ and ‘X’ form a ‘66’.

Conspiracy theorist ‘Freeman‘ has been dropping knowledge on the occult symbolism found behind the network name ‘FX’ because in numerology it corresponds with ’66′. You get this because ‘F’ is the sixth letter of the alphabet, and ‘X’ is the 24 letter (2+4=6). I suppose you could argue that numerology involves continually breaking down until you get to one number, so 6+6=12, 1+2=3, but I’m not an expert on numerology. Interestingly enough, Freeman also points out that ‘FOX’ is ’666′ (using the same numerology logic). The ‘O’ with the ‘X’ is important in that it symbolizes ’66′ and this same piece of symbolism is found all over the place.

The concept is further explored in this post about the Illuminati symbolism in X-Men Days of Future:

Xmen Days of Future Past


And if you’re a regular to this site you’ve seen it all over the place elsewhere, so Miley’s contribution is nothing new:

x 66


os x


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Xmen

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Russell Brand X


And recently we saw this on the Lily Allen video for Sheezus:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Lily Allen Sheezus Illuminati X Beast Mark


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Lily Allen Sheezus Illuminati Vow of Silence Freemason


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Lily Allen Sheezus Illuminati X Mark of Beast


There’s also the imagery of various heads in the triangle formation that is covered in Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Triangles, Pyramids and the Sun:

The three sides of a triangle represent the number 3, and this concept is used in gematria, the ancient Babylonian/Hebrew numerology practice that assigns numbers to words or letters (and also other mystical schools of thought). The number 3 is representative of the spirit realm (or the Heavens), while in contrast, the number 4 represents the physical realm (the material, three-dimensional world we can relate to). The number 3 is a number of the divine, showing the union of male and female that create a third being. It’s the number of manifestation; to make something happen.


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Miley Cyrus Mark of Beast


The website VigilantCitizen posted up their own theories about this video, pointing out the MK ULTRA type brainwashing symbolism you can see in the video, including a shot of her with Mickey Mouse ears (Disney is known as a the handlers who start the brainwashing-allegedly by conspiracy theorists, of course):

Miley Cyrus Mickey Mouse Illuminati Disney


The video shows symbolism for the sex-kitten programming that is common knowledge in conspiracy circles. In fact, VC didn’t mention that the website this video was released through ( had a description of the video which mentioned Marilyn Monroe in it…:

As part of Cyrus’ current Bangerz tour is a two-minute video directed by mixed-media artist and filmmaker Quentin Jones, whose signature soignéegraphics and splashes of paint transform a pornoriffic-almost-parody into artsploitation. Stripping the color from our heroine’s cartoonish persona, Jones goes in on popular symbols of sex: the fishnets; the beauty mark made darker like Marilyn’s; the black collar fit for a ‘Bunny. To Miley, as to a little kid, even the most dangerous object is a toy. And like a kid’s, her near-nudity is hardly erotic. She’s just happier naked. Her poses are jokes, even that infamous tongue—stuck out—remains firmly in cheek. She holds up the cardboard cut-out and winks. Get it? She’s playing with herself.

It should be clear as ink that Miley Cyrus is no former Disney kid. She’s a forever Disney kid. Sixty years after Walt himself collaborated with Salvador Dali, his phantasmagorical dreams of goofy innocence and erotically charged surrealism have been reanimated.

…and I recently did a music video expose for Pharrell Williams’ Marilyn Monroe video that details more on this concept:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Pharrell Marilyn Monroe Illuminati moon goddess


The creator of the video, Quentin Jones has a website that has various pieces of work that have the familiar Illuminati symbolism all over the place, namely the ’666′ hand sign over the All Seeing Eye:


Quentin Jones Illuminati 666


Quentin Jones 666 eye

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