Illuminati, Music and The Occult Part 1

Many people these days speak of the illuminati and its control over the music business. The illuminati is said to deal with the occult and sometimes satanist teachings. Many writers and film producers have accused the same illuminati of controlling artists and musicians within the music industry.

First of all, very little knowledge of the occult will teach you a basic principle. “Your liberty ends where my freewill begins.” With that, I will say that there are no artists under the control of any secret societies that have not consented to this type of control. This consent is usually done through the signing of a contract or an initiation into an occult school.

Secondly, as many of you may know, there is no such secret society named the illuminati. The illuminati is a form of enlightenment that one reaches when he wakes up from the spell of ignorance or darkness. There are three different levels of enlightenment or three different versions of the enlightenment. These levels are comparable to 3 lights. These lights are red,   blue, and green. The consciousness and overall mood of the individual who reaches enlightenment will determine what level of the illuminati they reflect.

Once the initiate wakes up from the spell of ignorance his first lesson is to learn how to use his eye sight. This is where you get the symbol of the all seeing eye from. His first test, once he gets used to seeing with this eye, is to recognize signs and symbols. This explains the many hand signs and image signs that you see in various videos within the music industry.

It is important that the reader understand and overstand that these signs that you see artists using are universal to various schools of the occult. Yes, there is more than one school of the occult and all recording artist don’t swear their allegiance to the same occult schools or mystery schools. The signs and symbols are universal signals to the executive rulers or counsel of the music industry, but they don’t reveal to the viewer what particular school the artist has allegiance to.

Look at the music execs as the national rulers (federal government) of the music industry and look at the various schools within the music industry as seperate states, all united up under the same banner. This is the most accurate light to view the music industry in. There is no one group pulling all of the strings in the music industry and I will prove this further. Yes, there may be two chief families that control the money flow of commerce within the music industry and the world (Rockefeller’s and Rothschild’s), but once we delve deeper into the occult we learn that money is not the end all be all for these occultists.
Believe it or not, the occultists are in charge of appointing the rulers of the world and the greatest Masters of these hidden sciences will become the rulers of the world. (I touch more on this in other articles).

Jay-Z and Kanye West owe their allegiance to the teachings of Alister Crowley and the orders that influenced him. 50 Cent on the other hand does not subscribe to the same orders and deals more on the Kemetic (Egyptian) side of the occult. B.O.B. subscribes to Enochian magic, which varies from the above mention schools. Some artist are Gnostics, Druids, and Rosicrucianist. More on this in Part 2

I hope the above information helps those that are still on a fact finding mission, about this so called group called the illuminati, to understand what’s really going on. I will touch on more in another measure and I am open to questions if any readers are interested in educational dialogue. Look out for Part 2 coming soon. I will focus on the idea of artists worshiping the so called devil, Satan, and Lucifer. I will define who these 3 seperate characters are and why many worship them. This may shock the unaware.

Keep in mind that I am an occultist and musician myself. I teach from a perspective and school that I have been formally initiated in. I am also a free and independent recording artist, specializing in Nu Age Hip-hop, who delves more into the mysteries within my music. Check me out here:

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