Illuminati: Book 1 (Volume 1)

Illuminati: Book 1 (Volume 1)

In 1967, Myron Fagan released a three-LP set titled Illuminati. This recording has been transcribed (you can hear the original audio here) and the text has been used to create this edition, published in 2017 by A Distant Mirror in paperback, Kindle and epub formats.

Myron Fagan reveals the plot for global enslavement launched two centuries ago by Adam Weishaupt, an apostate Catholic priest who, financed by the House of Rothschild, created the organisation which he named the ‘Illuminati’. Fagan describes how this group has been used by the House of Rothschild to work towards a world government, and how every war during the past two centuries has been instigated by them.

He describes how Jacob Schiff was sent to the United States by the Rothschilds to further the Illuminati plot, and how he was able to gain control of both the Democratic and Republican parties. He shows how Schiff seduced the American Congress and Presidents so as to achieve control of our financial system, and create the cancer of income tax. He also reveals how Schiff and his co-conspirators created the Council on Foreign Relations, in order to control our elected officials and gradually lead the U.S. into becoming part of a luciferian world government.

In short, this is the fascinating, horrifying – and factual – story of the most sensational plot in the history of the world. Fagan lays out the history of the Illuminati, exposing the plot for a single world government. The author gives names, dates, organizations, modes of operations – all exposing the Satanic octopus that to this day seeks to strangle the world in its grip. This book exposes the entire history of the plot – the Rothschilds, Zionism, the Luciferian ideology, the destruction of national sovereignty and religions, the role of Freemasonry, the Illuminist banksters and media, and the plans for three World Wars.

– Based on the original 1967 recordings by Myron Fagan.

– Edited and compiled by David Major.

– 118 pages, illustrated in full color throughout.

THE QUESTION of how and why the United Nations is the crux of the great conspiracy to destroy the sovereignty of the United States and the enslavement of the American people within a U.N. world dictatorship is a complete and unknown mystery to the vast majority of the American people.

The reason for this lack of awareness of the frightening danger to our country and to the entire free world is simple. The masterminds behind this great conspiracy have absolute control over all of our mass media – especially television, radio, the press, and Hollywood.

We all know that our State Department, the Pentagon, and the White House have brazenly proclaimed that they have the right and the power to manage the news, and to tell us not the truth, but what they want us to believe. They have seized that power on orders from the masters of the great conspiracy, and the objective is to brainwash the people into accepting the phony peace bait; to transform the United States into an enslaved unit of the United Nations’ world government.

First of all, bear in mind that the so-called U.N. ‘police action’ in Korea, in which 150,000 of our sons were murdered and maimed, was part of the plot; just as the undeclared-by-Congress war in Vietnam in which our sons are dying now is part of the plot.

However, the vitally important thing for all Americans to know, all you mothers of the boys who died in Korea and are now dying in Vietnam – is that our so-called leaders in Washington, who we elected to safeguard our nation and our Constitution, are traitors, and that behind them are a comparatively small group of men whose sole objective is to enslave the whole world of humanity in their satanic plot to establish a world government.

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