Idiocy or Perfidy? How We Get Hooked on Foreign Democracy Crusades

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News Story Source: By JAMES BOVARD
For the past 20 years, U.S. foreign policy has been marked by constant lies and unjustified killings, from the 1999 bombing of Serbia and the 2003 invasion of Iraq to Libyan regime change in 2011 and our role in the bloody Syrian war since 2012. What explains this unbroken record of deadly folly? 

According to Ted Carpenter, author of the new book Gullible Superpower, Washington policymakers have been deceived by foreign con men who claim to adore freedom and democracy. Carpenter has a far more sagacious foreign policy record over the past 30 years than either the White House or the Washington Post editorial page. His latest work captures, in his own words, "the lengthy, depressing record of U.S. support for bogus freedom fighters and democratic activists." 

Gullible Superpower walks readers through almost 40 years of pro-democracy shams. From Jonas Savimbi's ludicrous authoritarian pro-freedom movement in Angola to the murderous Kosovo
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