I Repeat: America's Problems Are Not Political

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Opinion Column by Chuck Baldwin
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As readers should know by now, I adamantly refuse to get sucked into the phony left-right paradigm. I also refuse to get on board the Trump Train. I made a vow to God in 1996 that I would never again support a presidential candidate that I knew would be unfaithful to the Constitution and Natural liberties given us by our Creator. 

As I see it, there are two basic groups of Christians who are voting for Donald Trump this year. 1) Those who have a god-like vision of Trump. They truly believe him to be some sort of a messiah-figure. They believe he is an American Moses. In many respects, Trump has a religious cult following. These people believe everything he says is gospel. They believe everything he does is by divine miracle. 2) Those who are good conservative, freedom-oriented believers, who recognize Trump's wickedness, but who are willing to overlook those evils, believing, a) Trump is doing enough good things to
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