I Have Not Yet Begun To Fight

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News Story Source: https://ncc-1776.org, by L. Neil Smith
Rush Limbaugh once rendered Bill and Hillary Clinton effectively harmless by making them the laughing-stock of the planet, with jokes and song parodies. Today, Bill is little more than a fading memory, and Hillary's name is, itself, a punchline. The left were prepared for that in 2020 and offered Joe Biden as the clown target; the more ridiculous he appeared, the better for them. Meanwhile the real threat to America, Communist Kamala Harris, could sneak around behind Biden, making totalitarian promises and threats, in serene confidence that Biden will soon be discarded and disposed of, either through natural causes, by means of Arkancide, or the 25th Amendment. In any case, Biden is a self-solving problem. There is plenty to laugh about in Harris' background and beliefs. It is she who must become the object of our best satirical efforts.

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