I Apologize for Being Immoral to Exxon and Big Oil in Louisiana ( Keystone Pipelines Is Safe)

Well, seeing how we have two sets of standards for different people, on who can and who can not be immoral, I am caught up in the field of those of us, who can not be immoral.  Glenn Beck had to apologize to America, Sarah Palin had to apologize to America and now little ole me, a rural dude from Louisiana, that currently lives in California State, has to also apologize for being immoral.
I thought it was ok to be immoral, after all, the NY Times and CNN Reporters basically got handed Queen Elizabeth style rides in choppers by BP, to say that the Gulf Oil Rig Disaster, was nothing but “tar balls” on a beach but yet it is only I, Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin that have to apologize to America for being immoral or for “doing something wrong”.
  • My father worked for a mining/drilling corp (Freeport-McMoran) and he was there for decades, on a mining field and currently has no health problems.  He even worked on an oil rig and has no health issues nor has he ever witnessed an oil spill.
When I went back to Louisiana for a few months, in the hopes of relocating, I admit that I was planning on seeking a job in the oil industry.  When I graduated High School, I got saving bonds from Big Oil, for no reason what so ever.  When I was staying in Louisiana State back in Dec, Jan, Feb and March of this year, the YMCA in Plaquemines, where I lifted weights, was built by Shell Oil.  The running path in Plaquemines, which I ran every other morning or evening was along an Exxon Pipeline.
  • There was NEVER any issues with any oil pipeline that I can even recall, except with the Arkansas Pipeline and 99% of people never knew the pipeline was even there, because oil pipelines are so safe, clean and quiet.
  • There are Oil Pipelines operating safely in Beverly Hills and no one even knows that they are right under the sidewalks and buildings.  I know where they are and I have seen no problems with these pipelines.
I posted up fake pictures about a dirty Exxon oil pipeline and these pics were of a drainage pipe and ditch that I took in a Parish/Town that was located North of New Orleans and I lived 72 miles South of New Orleans.  I have a problem with morals.  I admit that I lied but coming from a place where Oil Gods Rule, you kinda learn how to play the oil game.
My mother had previously called the Parish of Plaquemines over a sewage pipe, for over a year, and it was not until I lied and said the sewage pipe was an oil pipeline that the Parish even sent someone out (my own cousin) to even check out the situation.
From what I know of oil pipelines, they are safe and furthermore, the land where the pipeline runs under ground, is kept up very nice.  There has never been any pipeline spill or strange fumes on any of my property on my family’s property.  I apologize.  I was immoral.
I have NEVER called for any oil company to loose drilling permits in the Gulf, in recent years, nor have I ever lobbied for this outcome but we do need someone like me at some of these oil safety and EPA Agencies because Lord knows that Lisa Perez Jackson(EPA), never came and took any decent measures after the Halliburton/BP/Transocean Oil Mess, which basically left know nothing liars at the NY Times and CNN to utter talking points.
  • Out of all forms of oil transportation the pipelines are the safest and the Keystone Pipeline should be approved. 
I do not know if China has a stake in the Canadian Oil Field but instead I only repeated what I heard a caller on The Alex Jones Radio Show say for a few seconds.  I do not know if Bill Clinton decorated his Christmas Tree with crack pipes, this comes from a Texas radio personality, that makes millions of dollars, and any time that I hear a Southern White Man say something about “decorating Christmas Trees with crack pipes” about another White Man from The South, then I dam sure am going to repeat it!
I still do not understand why I have a moral problem but the NY Times and CNN gets a pass?
If Beyoncé puts in her track and video Ring Da Alaram, that she was choked or nearly choked then clearly she wants people to talk about it.
If the CIA and Pentagon or Anglo Establishment are going to use their weapons of Earth, Air, Water and Fire to correspond with a Beyoncé NFL Ritual and signal me to talk about it and say its Hollywood Illuminati, then I will do as I am told.
If I see that there is a ring of kooky Wahabi Islamacist called Isis, a threat, and no one is discussing it but I get the cue (CIA, Pentagon or even Israel) to make it Hollywood Illuminati, then I will hype it…once again doing what I am told.
If Miley Cyrus is about to do some crazy performance, then I will get a signal to hype it and say its Hollywood Illuminati.
I am a tabloid hype writer, but yes I did do something immoral by posting up photos of a drainage canal and a ditch and blaming it on Big Oil or Exxon & Warren Buffet.  I am all for oil drilling, natural gas, pipelines and I still kinda don’t mind oil via rail roads but America’s rail roads are tore up from the floor up and the pipelines are safer. 
I rather an oil pipeline in my back yard than a nuclear plant and I even rather a coal plant than a nuclear plant because we aren’t updating the nuclear plants and most are 30 years past expiration.
I support Keystone Pipeline and all other oil pipelines as being the safest way to transport oil.  I have known Canadians since I was a young child (French teachers were Canadian or from Belgium in Louisiana) and I have nothing against the Keystone Pipeline.  I do not know how I became some powerful scapegoat by the “Powers that Be” over a “Yay” or “Nay”  but I am a “YES!” on Kesytone Pipeline and any other pipeline, if its as clean and safe as the Exxon Pipeline in my back yard in Buras, La.
To be honest, the Keystone Pipeline can provide jobs and even crack down on Islamic Terrorist that have taken over oil fields.  I still do not know enough about fracking.  I only know what I watch on educational channels on tv or from the media liberal/right wing outlets and both sides do so much of “hype” that I have not made up my mind.  But I am for Oil Pipelines, I love pipe-lines, even the one which runs through my back yard, which I didn’t even know was there!
I would also like to see Arctic Drilling because this is a chance for the Oil Industry to show the world, that they have what it takes to drill safely in a very very difficult environment

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