Humanity is Satanically Possessed


A Satanic cult has colonized the earth.
This is the key to understanding
current events and modern “culture,”
and to avoiding its depredations.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

If you wish to escape the ravages of modern life, understand that
mankind is satanically possessed.
We are being inducted into the lowest ranks of a satanic cult, the Illuminati.

I am not speaking from a Christian or Biblical perspective.
I am from a secular background. The difference is that I recognize, in secular terms, that God is the magnificent moral and natural order governing the universe.

The widespread Illuminist denial of God constitutes a satanic rebellion that ultimately cannot be won.

The satanic possession of humanity is the product of a highly organized long-term conspiracy to establish a “New World Order.” Today, the cancer has spread to all social institutions, public and private. As a result, humanity has fallen into a coma. It is hardly able to recognize the sickness, let alone resist.

As I have said before, the mainspring of this diabolical conspiracy is the  Cabalist (Illuminati) dynastic families who own the world’s central banks. Their control of most large corporations, especially the mass media, and consequently politicians ensures that the cancer is all pervasive.

Here are just some logos with Illuminati motifs. Politicians and entertainers adore making the sign of Baphomet and the Masonic handshake.

The instrument of this secret control is Freemasonry, a Cabalist secret Society. (The Illuminati is a secret society within Freemasonry.) Essentially you will rise in Freemasonry and society according to your willingness to serve Lucifer, and betray your community to the new Luciferian dispensation.


Democracy is an illusion. Sure we can decide where the sewers will go, but the big issues have been taken out of our hands. All the politicians are  Freemasons: Ron Paul, Obama, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum.

They divide into a House League, with certain Masons taking the Right, and other Masons taking the Left. This way the people are polarized, distracted and deceived. No one sees the puppet master. Nothing fundamental ever changes.

Left Vs. Right : Two apparently opposing forces advancing the same goal, a thinly veiled world police state ruled by satanist billionaires.

Nothing illustrates the extremity of our position better than 9-11. Essentially the Illuminati bankers through their Masonic tentacles murdered over 3000 Americans in broad daylight and got away with it.

This mass trauma brainwashing was designed to justify foreign wars and a domestic police state. It could not have succeeded without the collaboration of the mass media and virtually the whole political elite, who must be seen as an occupying power, a colonial administration.

The essence of Satanism is to turn the natural and moral order upside down a.k.a “revolution.”  God is Reality. Satanism turns reality on its head.

Thus, the good is made to appear evil and vice-versa. Lies have the authority of truth. Truth is disparaged as lies. Truth is whatever the Illuminati say it is. Beauty is ugly and ugly is considered beautiful. What is healthy is unhealthy and vice-versa.

Examples of satanic possession can be seen in this light:

1. The separation of sex from love and procreation. The promotion of anonymous sex degrades all human relations to the level of sexual attraction and glorified masturbation.

Pornography has caused massive sex addiction. 70-80% of teenage boys watch online porn regularly. Girls need to behave like porn stars to be loved. The result is the sexualization of children and the eventual acceptance of pedophilia.

2. Gender bending – the relentless media promotion of feminism and homosexuality is designed to undermine heterosexual identity and values, including marriage and family.

3. Incessant wars which have no purpose than to increase the wealth and power of the Illuminati and undermine the nations of the world.
All wars are contrived by the Illuminati to kill off natural leaders and demoralize, degrade and destroy humanity. Ironically, they are an excuse for world government.”

4. Entertainers are members of the Illuminati and part of the Satanic initiation. Madonna’s Superbowl half-time and Nicki Minaj’s performance at the Grammy’s were both Satanic rituals.

My whole website is devoted to this topic. The point is  —  mankind is satanically possessed.


The masses are in denial. They are like Stockholm syndrome hostages, hoping that the psychopaths won’t harm them so long as they play along.

They resist attempts to awaken them. They are fully invested in their enslavement, too venal, craven or dumb to face reality. They prove Aldous Huxley’s prophesy that the slaves  “will be made to love their slavery.”

Eventually the Illuminati media will degrade us to the point where the promise of humanity will be gone, and the Illuminati vision of man will be vindicated. Their plan to depopulate the world will seem like Divine retribution.

Our best hope is the Internet. It is very hard to institute a police state in an age of instant communication.

As long as the Internet is free, we will remain free. Let’s defend it with our lives!

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