How to Get a Cryptocurrency Job

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If the market downturn has placed your Lambo dreams on hold, perhaps it's time you found another revenue stream. Anyone can make money in a bull market, but when the wicks turn red and altcoin season ends, you might want to consider getting an actual job. Just because it's unprofitable to keep flipping ICOs doesn't mean you have return to flipping burgers though. The cryptoconomy offers a vast range of job opportunities with no qualifications necessary. You just have to know where to look.

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In 1848, a man named Sam Brannan stood on Market Street in San Francisco waving a bottle of gold dust and declaring the great gold rush to have begun. His efforts are credited with kick-starting the mania that followed, as men and women packed their bags and ventured off to seek their fortune. Brannan was a canny man, and prior to the announceme
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